Apparently they’re doing launch shows at The Brudenell in Leeds!


Also another show announced for London- acoustic in a church.

Very luckily got a ticket for Nottingham Rough Trade which will do me.


I hope that link works. There’s a gig at Kingston Upon Thames for those (like me) that missed out on Rough Trade East tickets.


If you fancy saving a few quid and just want a ticket. Try this:


Not feeling the new album anywhere near as good as Night Thoughts - the flow of it especially just makes it feel like a worse version it. Still though, Night Thoughts is as good as any post-reformation album I’ve heard.


Yep. Agreed.

I saw them four times live last weekend. Always a great live band. The new one is good in parts, crap in others. It’s a 7/10 album for me. Night Thoughts was my AOTY I think for 2016.


Still wrestling with the new album. Agree with the comment that it is good in parts and less good in others, disturbing the flow. I don’t like the opening track, which is always a bad sign!


I haven’t picked it up yet but Life Is Golden and The Invisibles aren’t really doing it for me. Suede-by-numbers really. Don’t Be Afraid If Nobody Loves You is better, but none of them are as good as Barriers, Outsiders or even For The Strangers. Hope the album has some better tracks on it.


I think the album is magnificent. I too was a little nonplussed by The Invisibles when I first heard, but think it works perfectly within the context of the album. Wastelands is as good as anything they’ve ever done. There’s a poem about burying a dead bird. There’s weird chanting. What more could anyone want!?!? The only low point, for me is Mistress. Not so keen on that, but it’s about a million times better than anything off Head Music and New Morning.

Great album.


I like the album a lot. Find it pretty amazing that I’m excited about a Suede album in 2018.

They could have quite easily slipped into the the Shiiine On/Supersonic, Britpop nostalgia route, but instead they’re doing two nights at Hammersmith Apollo on the back of a couple of great comeback records. Super impressive.


They were great last night at Rough Trade Nottingham. Haven’t had chance to listen to new album properly but yes seems hit and miss. Never let you down live though, was amazing to see them somewhere so small.


I’ll always love this band - but trying to be objective, this is perhaps a bit of a Night Thougts Part 2, but without the “Big Banger” in Outsiders.
Wastelands, Beyond The Outskirts stand up… I think Flytipping is ace, no one does grandiose orchestral outros like Suede…
Not a masterpiece but decent enough. Props for continuing to experiment rather than trading off their Britpop legacy, too


Like the new album and their acoustic set at the church in Kingston was amazing.

But is it just me or is Life is Golden basically Fake Plastic Trees? Something about the cadences, the progression, the falsetto.

Also that bit in The Invisibles “It’s funny how it’s always out of reach” really reminds me of “funny how it all falls away” from Help the Aged.

So much for not trading on their Britpop legacy. :wink:

Lovely new material though. Looking forward to Hammersmith gig.


Looks spectacular this, shame it’s on SKY though


Oh, this looks brilliant! Like you said though, a shame i won’t be able to see it cos it is on SKY. Maybe we’ll get a DVD at some point or it could be shown elsewhere eventually? This would be perfect on BBC Four!


Brett’s Coal Black Mornings is well worth a read.


Did anyone watch this? It was bloody great, a proper warts’n’all doco. Would NOT have recognised Richard Oakes in the street!


Didn’t watch it but really wanted to. Reviews seem to all be raves on twitter etc.
Hopefully there’ll be a dodgy rip of it on YouTube.

Failing that it’s coming out on DVD in spring ‘with extras’


Its also on Now TV


It’s also repeated Friday at 10pm if you’ve got Sky but just missed it.