Sufjan Stevens 7" for sale

It kills me to sell this but I’m broke as a broke dick dog and need to raise some money. It’s £200 on discogs. Limited to 100


Ignore my recipe for orange curd. Wrong picture although it’s a mighty fine recipe

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How much for the recipe???

£120 taste sensation

I’ve got loads of stuff to sell. Never thought my life would come to this. 3 year olds are expensive.
Signed Slint box set anyone
The Books box set
Breeders Boxset
Mogwai Boxset
This is really fucking shit

Son Lux
89 copies in the world!!!

Godspeed! Limited to 155 copies

Bump,before I get ripped off selling to vinyl exchange.

I don’t know your circumstances but if there’s any other way of raising cash without selling stuff you love try and do it. You’ll regret it otherwise.

Have you put them on Discogs and just tried undercutting the cheapest seller? Some people have alerts setup for certain records, might prompt someone to buy something

I reckon the orange curd market could be quite niche. Get jarring son!

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Good idea I bet he never thought of that

morning dickhead

Shit, this sounds heartbreaking. If you really have to sell this stuff maybe put up some lists and suggested prices in the thread to see if there are any takers?