Sufjan Stevens


New Carrie and Lowell outtake here from new outtake album The Greatest Gift.


He’s just fucking brilliant isn’t he


Already expecting to enjoy this more than most other “proper” releases this year

New song is gorgeous


Absolutely fantastic, how can this be an outtake?!

Surprised this album/mixtape doesn’t feature ‘Mystery of Love’ from Call Me By Your Name, as it certainly sounds like a C&L song.


wow. Just wow. Love the outro. Love all of it.


This is lovely, amazed is an outtake really


Oh wow


Ohh, looking a bit further into the Call Me By Your Name OST - it comes out on 27th October!



The Call Me By Your Name soundtrack is up on Spotify etc just to say


Really reckon he’s going to be one of those songwriters people look back on as the best of this era and not given the proper plaudits


I think he is pretty unanimously seen this way, no?

When we do look back on the early 2000s, I think a more diverse selection of songwriters will be heralded, to match the way tastes are going, but Sufjan will still be king of the folkies.



edit - dunno why that starts half an hour in, but the whole thing is incredible


Yeah I think him and newsom are pretty widely considered as the top dogs post-2000. And rightly so


Yeah, I think they’re both almost peerless in the folk genre

[MBftSB] Which artists do you think (or hope) will be regarded as the best of this generation?

Can’t imagine him doing what he does and being any more popular to be honest. He literally had one of the most universally acclaimed albums of the 00s. His last album, about his mum dying, was top 10 in the US and UK. He had Kanye tweeting about his album. For what he does, he’s massive and critically adored


Think the only thing holding him back from being a true all time great is his voice is a little bland


Yeah this is largely true but on a few occasions, mainly found on Age of Adz, he stretches it as far as he can (“I’m not fucking arooouuuoouuund”), which is the best he can do, I guess.


It really works on some songs it’s just over the length of an album he could do with varying it a bit. Always wondered if this song is actually him


I think he’s actually been overtaken by Father John Misty in recent years as America’s foremost acoustic solo artist.