Sufjan Stevens


“I mean the “Adz” is really a misspelling of “Odds.” That’s taken from [Royal Robertson], he has all kinds of text in his work, and his visions are all written out in this messy script. He was a sign painter for a living before he was an artist, and his signs became double entendres, messages that had dual meanings, because of all the misspellings and grammatical mistakes. The Age of Adz is reflecting the subconscious, free association way of thinking that happens when you’re not censoring yourself. Royal’s work is very much about impulsive free association, and the lyrics on The Age of Adz also follow that.”

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As far as I’m concerned, Stevens’ song is a no-brainer to take the award - but of course I’m not on the judging panel.


I reckon Mary J Blige will take it tbh.


I think it’ll be that song from The Greatest Showman


I’m not having that anybody’s actually going to vote for that kind of wank


Sam Smith’s Bond dirge won a few years ago, it’s not really an award with the best track record


SS had a big strong solo vocal performance. I’m not normally about ballads, and I’m not going to pretend I like the song, but it has some things going for it. This is why I reckon MJB’s having it this year; big powerful vocal performance and #inspirational lyrics. I’m a big fan of her, but I reckon it’s a bit of boring tune, still where my money is tho.


I just picked up the CD of Michigan today on seeing it in a shop, largely on the strength of favourable comments on this forum. So I now have three and a quarter Sufjan Stevens albums. :slight_smile:


Good to see he’ll be performing at the Oscars


:crossed_fingers: please be wearing wings :crossed_fingers:


God I hope he wins


He should wear an oversized white suit


I got a course entrance exam on Monday morning. If our boy wins I will take it as a good omen.


In the interests of fairness I gave each of the other nominated songs a listen. “This is me” is not too bad, though it very quickly becomes - formulaic is the best way I can describe it. I’ve never heard the song before, yet I feel as though I’ve heard it a thousand times.

I don’t like any of the other three songs at all.




Well, “Mystery of Love” didn’t win Best Original Song - frankly if it had done it would have been too good to be true - but they managed to give the award to the one that I considered the worst. :frowning:


Start a riot


If I did that every time I thought an award went to the wrong contender, I’d have no time left to do anything else.