Sufjan Stevens


Yeah but I just cared about sufjan winning, I’m indifferent to the rest.


I’m just pleased that he got nominated, and therefore had the chance to perform the song at the ceremony, thereby getting a lot more people to hear it.

I see Stevens also submitted his song about Tonya Harding for “I, Tonya”, but it did not get used. He was trying to have a foot in both camps. Apparently Tonya Harding herself was none too impressed with Sufjan’s song about her, I get the impression she has become a bit hypersensitive about any publicity concerning herself.


Today actually is Casimir Pulaski day, so today is the Sufjanest day possible. Probably.


It’s also Labour Day here in WA (other Australian states have it on a different date), so a public holiday here as well.


Pretty much been exclusively listening to all things Sufjan recently. Impossible Soul every day this week.

Daydreaming that he is probably working on a song right now and that I will one day hear it and it will be my favourite Sufjan song for a couple of months.


Impossible Soul give me such joy. Seeing it live at the Royal Festival Hall is a life highlight.


Amazing. I only ever saw him live on the Carrie & Lowell tour and it was one of my favourite ever gigs, but I’ll forever be jealous of those who were lucky enough to see him on the Age of Adz tour and hear him do that song.


Saw both. Both 10/10 but I think adz at brighton is still the best gig I’ve ever been to


Agree that both were incredible.
The C&L material really expanded live!




Yep! I really enjoyed the different arrangements but I think it was arguably a necessity to do so.

Age of Adz and Carrie & Lowell are such contrasting albums musically that he had to alter them a bit to make the transitions between something like Vesuvius and Drawn To The Blood a bit more fluid within the live show, surely?


Makes sense, I loved hearing them more amped up and expansive. Some almost shoegaze freak out elements if my memory serves (which it barely does these days).


Godddddd I saw new replies and thought he’d announced a new album or something.


Same. Bastards.


Some cheeky bumpers in here fo sho



The Superman Stevens thread has many new replies but no new music? :sob: Y u do dis?



This is beautiful.

If Suf goes full r&b on his next album I might actually jizz myself to death


Well it’s sort of new music!