Sufjan Stevens

I like Planetarium a lot, probably about 20% of it is unnecessary but stuff like Jupiter is loads of fun and Mercury is genuinely one of our book’s best songs.

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Got super excited then! Now tempered

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Ah the annual initial hype upon seeing a new Sufjan album followed by the realisation that it’s just another mediocre side project.

Can’t see him going back to the “illinois” stage of his career.

No, neither can I. But surely he’s got another C&L or Adz in him?

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how do you know it’s mediocre ?!

Judging by the non album stuff from the C&L era he’s still got more than enough juice for another incredible album. Adz and C&L are his best.

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He better release a (proper) album this year, don’t want to break the 2005, 2010, 2015… cycle


New album streaming from 7pm today


physical release date also moved forward :slight_smile:

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Streaming this cos fuck all else to do.

Up on Spotify too - but obviously heed their plea to support local record shops by getting it mail order if you’re in a position to - It’s strong WFH music!! Beautiful in many places

Not really too keen on this new album unfortunately.
Give me a proper singsong album, Sufjan!

Had a bit more time to spend with Aporia and really enjoying it. There are moments of beautifully textured electronica.

Some bits flow better than others which is perhaps not helped by having so many short tracks rather than longer pieces. Vocals have more of a backing effect than being prominent in any way, which may be a disappointment for those looking for a big Sufjan release. But I think a lot of the magic of particularly his later releases is present in this too. Really like the bits that go full prog odyssey (in a good way).

In my top 3 of the year so far with Holy Fuck and Georgia.

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Oh yes, finally a proper new album! Quite excited!

Rushed here to break the news. Looks like I was too slow.