Sufjan Stevens


not having this, m9. I mean, what would you have him sound like instead? perfect for his music.


on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being sufjan stevens and 10 being early conor oberst, i’d like him to be around a 3. His voice is perfect on an individual song basis, but think over the length of an album he would benefit from varying it bit, straining to the brink of his range, a slight catch in his voice, a slightly more ragged delivery, if used sparingly would improve his albums, as it is I find his voice just too consistent and therefore not very expressive, I guess he does move into falsetto territory and sometimes dials it back into a kind of bleak resignation territory, but I think just a few more tricks in his vocal toolkit would be good


No longer on board because of this line.


FJM is huge atm, granted…but I wouldn’t say he’s contributed enough yet to be one of the current greats. Pure Comedy is fairly mediocre, too.


its not an ordinal scale from worst to best, more a dimension between controlled and uncontrolled, think he would benefit from being a little less pristine in his vocal delivery


Fair enough…but still, his vocals usually fit fine, whether usually as a quiet whisper or the more cracked version. I’m not sure more straining would suit him…there’s plenty of artists who do that, if that’s your bag


thats why id only step him up a couple of notches in that direction


Pure Comedy is a better album than Illinois, for me. More ambition, better executed!

Is there a Weekend Football Thread?

Struggling to know what to say to this. I’m trying to be less dogmatic in my music view and take each opinion as it comes… but this…this is something else.


Pure Comedy is the Heavy Handed Satire thread in the form of an overly long album.


genuinely baffling.




Woaaahh. I’ve read some nonsense on this board in my time, but fucking hell


Liked the records with all the bells and whistles on, even if they were a bit overblown and long-winded. Agree with tff that his voice is a bit bland and that;s very obvious on his sparse and desolate mum tribute LPs.

All in all, not a bad lad, but Danielson’s ‘Ships’ was the real classic from that very well educated christian ‘scene’.


hey now, I like ‘Ships’ and all, but… that’s too far.


Pure Comedy is so derivative and backwards looking. A fine album if you are a subscriber to Classic Rock monthly wanting something comforting. For people who have never listened to 70s sprawing album tracks by Billy Joel, Elton John and Randy Newman.


in levels of fame at least. it’s just a shame FJM’s not any good.


Some great bants in this thread. If we’re being serious though neither Christian Steve or Father John Jackass have written anything as good as Didn’t It Rain


Any love for Bill Callahan in here?

P.S. Sufjan rules too


big fan of late 90s Smog but don’t know his recent stuff at all