Sufjan Stevens

Pricey box set!

Or you can get it from Asthmatic Kitty’s UK store here for £49.99:

Not sure about postage though. Their US store says the first pressing has sold out, but it still seems available on the above UK/EU link.

Had a listen through of Meditations and it sounds fine, but not jumping to get the vinyl yet, although it does look nice.

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Looks like 2nd pressing for uk too. Weird how it’s that much cheaper!

Says sold out for me. Weird.

Yep, it’s showing as sold out for me now as well.

Have been listening to the album some more, at first just as an accompaniment to my book I’m reading, and am enjoying it a bit more now.

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It’s a bit cheaper at Norman’s and when you factor in free postage might not be much more than direct.

Any idea if there are download mp3s with the vinyl? Or only if you buy it via Bandcamp? Can’t see it mentioned explicitly anywhere.

I think previous sufjan stuff I’ve bought came with a bandcamp code


Don’t know tbh but I’m 99% certain his other releases came with download codes so no reason to think otherwise on this.

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Caveats are that I only had chance to listen once and I was making dinner so not ideal having to listen over an extraction fan but totally my thing on first impressions.

Somehow the most God-fearing drone album I’ve ever heard.


Nice morning music this.

Bits of this sound like the soundtrack to the Social Network that Trent Reznor did.

not sure about this drone stuff, not grabbing me at all.

It started off nicely, but now on track six or seven and I’m so far not feeling in a rush to give it a second listen at the moment.

Is this Lamentations? Funny it was the other way around with me, warmed up to it a few tracks in. Still unsure

Yep, Lamentations. Will just wait for next week’s release and see how they all go before I revisit I think

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