Sufjan Stevens


Yeah, big fan of both Smog and stuff under his own name. Favourite album? I think A river ain’t too much to love is perfect, but sometimes I wish we were an eagle and red apple falls aren’t too far behind.


he’s right, y’know


Would rather listen to Cass McCombs, despite the fact he only ever has 3/4 good songs on an LP.


His new stuff is more serious and less…“D.I.Y”. Beautiful stuff though…and he hasn’t lost his use of humour.


He’s no ed sheeran




love the tunes on ‘Call Me By Your Name’. the piano version of ‘Futile Devices’ is gorgeous, so much better without the clutter of the original, and the two unreleased songs are magic, too. especially 'Mystery of Love. :heart::heart::heart:




Yes please!


Another Christmas music boxset next year would be good.


Went straight to find this version of Futile after reading your post, its one of my favourite Sufjan songs. Obviously its brilliant.


It’s one of the best songs ever written IMO.


Fucking hell, I didn’t think this song could get any better but this version is crushing. I’ve listened to it three times already.


I would agree with that.


yeah, isn’t it great? take an already great song, hone in on its emotional core by making it 10x prettier… magic.


Call Me By Your Name was a fucking mint film, Soof songs fit incredibly well, Futile Devices version breathtaking there. Loved it. The Greatest Gift is sounding lush, but not had the chance for a proper full listen yet.


Listening to this for the first time, it’s great. Anyone else reminded of “One More Robot” by the Flaming Lips by the “All of Me Wants All of You” remix?


Sad state of affairs (and a selfish standpoint I know), but I keep seeing this thread bumped and thinking “oh no, not him as well?”

Bloody love Sufjan.



Both versions here: