Sufjan Stevens

Think he had Harry at the manchester one

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I skipped on the Age Of Adz tour because I didn’t have much money, and back then the thought of going to a gig on my own if nobody else wanted to go was mortifying, and I didn’t really like AOA at first, actually grew to dislike it a bit until I went back in the lead up to C&L. Really pissed off at my young self for that. I would kill to see Impossible Soul live. Didn’t realise how massive he’d go with it until the streams of the US fests he did around 2016.


There’s a decent enough yotube of impossible soul live. I watch it all the time. Have fantasised about throwing a fancy dress party for years just so i can go dressed as him on that tour but would require that black lighting be installed.


the swans wings would probably be quite impractical too…

anyway, just look at this setlist! Cor!



I wonder if he knows just how amazing that tour was?



i hope so

i love the fact he said he was inspired by Justin Bieber for it


Been obsessed with sufjan for years and years but oddly (and sadly) never seen him live X

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1st time I saw him it was just Sufjan with a banjo and a notepad he used to illustrate his stories between songs, he was 3rd on the bill (iron and wine was next and I can’t remember the headliner, I was there for the other 2)

Was quite the contrast with the next time I saw him on the AOA tour

It was an amazing night and it’s definitely one of my top 3 gigs (and I’ve been to a lot). I’ve seen him several times, I mentioned in the musical regrets thread that I nearly saw him supporting Rosie Thomas in Sheffield around 2000… On reflection I’m quite glad I missed him as this would be around the time ‘A Sun Came’ and I may not have liked him.

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I reference this very moment all the time :smiling_face_with_tear:

In Dublin I remember one of the dancers climbing from the stage onto the speakers and up into one of the little boxes at the side of the theatre

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Huh I thought St Vincent had left his band by then

This is a joke about St Vincent climbing up onto the balcony in like 3 of the live shows I’ve seen her do, so I’m hoping this is a recognisable bit of her schtick for people to go “haha” or something, and not just I’ve happened to be there the only three times she’s decided to do it