Sufjan Stevens


Great stuff, we’ve pretty much had an album’s worth of new(ish) Suf this year now!


FJM is not fit to lace Sufjan Stevens’s boots.


He’s a known troll, ignore him :slight_smile:


It’s almost as if Sufjan knows new material will drum up particular excitement now…as we’re all digging out his christmas boxsets and putting them on repeat.


I’m listening to Illinois as we speak.



My eldest has requested two Sufjan tracks (Sister Winter and Get Behind Me, Santa) for her class’s Christmas playlist :heart_eyes:


This is a running theme IIRC?

She has excellent taste


Just about the most hackneyed trope of modern music - people mistakenly think it makes them sound like they are ‘for real’. The longer Sufjan avoids it the better.


Or one of the most established ways of expressing emotional intensity, I don’t think he should do it all the time but am not alone in thinking over the course of an album sufjans voice can become very boring and he would benefit from straying from his comfort zone occasionally


Yes, she’s a little obsessed with the Songs For Christmas boxset :slight_smile:


One of the most established ways of trying to fake emotional intensity (and sound like Chris Martin).


disagree with the assumption that in music there are somethings that are faked to convey emotion and some are more authentic, there are simply choices and techniques artists use to convey feeling, this is a valid one


I think it’s obvious when a singer is genuinely expressing emotion and when he is using a ‘technique’ to try and sound like he is. For ten years at least every other singer in a vaguely alternative guitar band has been doing that whole quavering at the edge of his range thing which was first popularised by Chris Martin doing a bad impression of Thom Yorke. It’s just become a tired trope in the same way that excessive use of melisma is for unimaginative R&B singers.

I would guess that I’m not the only person that finds it irksome. Sufjan Stevens doesn’t need to do it. Just think of the depths of devastating emotion in the way he sings something like John Wayne Gacy Jr. Are you honestly saying that would be better with a bit of straining in it?


Each to there own I guess, as I’ve said it works fine on an individual song basis but over the course of an album or gig it becomes very samey


I think he should sing in a fake patois accent


A lot of songs could be improved by toasting.


‘…even sufjan did a fake patois’


on the iPhone demo of John My Beloved on Greatest Gift he sounds like he’s straining a bit at some of the high notes (albeit by accident rather than design, seeing as he lowers the key on the studio version)


Listening to Michigan for the first time in ages. Always forget how absolutely brilliant it is


Reckon Seven Swans is my secret favourite Sufjan album