Sufjan Stevens


Illinois, Seven Swans, Age of Adz, and Carrie & Lowell are all basically perfect. Michigan is very nearly as good as them


Would put Michigan above Adz meself.


Adz 4 lyf tho


Age Of Adz is my personal favourite rn


Seven Swans is probably the one I listen to the most tbh, not got the length of Michigan, Illinois or Adz, or the sadness of C&L.

Love how The Transfiguration has the melody from Chicago in it!


first one I ever listened to, first love <3


Uhh you guys heard this? It’s fucking beautiful


Yeah it’s lovely. The other version of it on Spotify is also very nice


My favourite from Seven Swans is Sister. Magnificent.


I listened to this on the way to work as a result of this thread. Such a good album.

Really difficult to choose a best Sufjan album isn’t it? I think you could make a good case for all of them.


It’s the title track for me


Easily Adz for me. Don’t really listen to Michigan or Illinois these days. Weirdly I am very into The Avalanche.


I’ve said before but Adz is two 10/10 albums in one: a 10/10 for tracks 1-10, and another 10/10 for Impossible Soul as a mini album in itself.

So I guess that probably makes Adz the best, as none of the rest are going to rate 20/10.


Reckon Adz is a better work of art but atm C&L hits me far harder.


Was never really into it when it came out but has been on heavy rotation recently at home and fuuuuuuuuuuuuu



I know I’m in a tiny minority, but adz really doesnt do anything for me. Don’t even like impossible soul.

Michigan and seven swans are the ones i come back to the most these days.


C&l is incredible, but emotionally draining. Cant listen to it too often. Illinois is obviously incredible but i think ive overplayed it, if thats possible.



(Chill out general levy)


This was incredible at End of the Road, with everyone in the field chanting along.

Always so gutted I missed the Age of Adz shows, my gf went (we weren’t together at the time) and never lets me forget it.


Hate to rub it in, but the Age of Adz show at the Royal Festival Hall is the best gig I’ve ever been to and I can’t see anything topping it.