Sufjan Stevens




Been to the last 2 tours and age of adz (brighton) just beat Carrie and Lowell imo


I’ve seen him at the Barbican (Illinois) and at RFH (C&L). I loved the C&L show but it was spoiled slightly by the 15 minute drone-out at the end of Blue Bucket Of Gold, during which I became progressively more concerned about missing our train home!

The Barbican show featured a song called Majesty Snowbird that I don’t think he ever got round to releasing. Amazes me how he manages to write so many songs.


I was at that Barb gig. Front row, full on tears for the entire two hours. Didn’t manage to catch an inflatable Santa :cry:

Since then, two Adz shows (one at RFH? the other Primavera), both were just… :open_mouth: and C&L at RFH.


Big regrets over missing the Adz shows as I’m a long time fan, but it was logistically impossible for me at the time. Saw him at Dingwalls on the Seven Swans tour and again at Shepherd’s Bush for Illinois, before that sublime C&L EOTR set. He’s just such an amazing performer.

Reckon Illinois is probably still my favourite of his albums. The highs (title track, Chicago, John Wayne Gacy, etc…) are so good, it’s the one I go back to the most. But there is a case for saying that other albums are more consistent.

I just love him, really


Best show I’ve ever seen, that Brighton show.


Same, was delighted he opened with it on the Adz tour. Also a big fan of The Dress Looks Nice on You


Yeah I quite like Adz but it’s far from my favourite. Before seeing it live I found it quite a frustrating record


Majesty Snowbird is his best song


yep. listened to it three times in a row, daydreaming of ice skating.


it changes all the time - it was ‘Sister’ during happier times - but I think it’s ‘To Be Alone With You’ at the moment.

although, the final two tracks? special.

there’s something about that record, a feeling of time and place that feels really distinct from any other Sufjan album or any other folky stuff. probably peculiar to my own experience of it as much as anything, but it is a particularly self-contained album.

like, such an individual expression of spirituality. I’m not religious myself, but it’s really deeply compelling. feels like he conveys something through the Biblical references that I can feel but not articulate precisely. which is an endlessly wonderous quality.


I like Adz, but not Impossible Soul. just feels impossible to love.


I was thinking about this on the way to work, particularly with reference to Vito’s Ordination Song (from Michigan), which appears to be written from the perspective of God, talking to Sufjan’s friend. It’s a beautiful and moving song; I was thinking “how would I feel listening to this song if I was atheist / agnostic?” - so I’m glad to hear your response.



Sufjan is like… that’s the way I would like to feel about people’s individual spirituality. the unique context within their lives of the stories, rituals, signifiers, etc. a reminder to be empathetic, to resist generalisation.


I don’t think there’s a good case for ‘Enjoy Your Rabbit’!


Ah, I totally forgot about the two pre-Michigan albums! I’ve never listened to them properly


This is untrue. It’s probably the best thing I’ve ever seen live



it was spectacular live, for sure. that Apollo gig is possibly the best gig I’ve ever been to.

…but I can never be bothered with it on record.


If I know I’ve got a 25 minute walk somewhere I will hunt it down and pop it on, listen to it on its own outside of the album loads