Sufjan Stevens


it’s the best thing i’ve ever heard full stop


might try that a bit. I do have it on my phone, so idk. never to late for something to grow on me.


Gunna listen to it now I reckon




Where the horns come in just makes me so happy everytime


It’s the quiet but towards the end that gets me.


it’s not so impossible


Just adding to my voice to those with regrets over not seeing the Age of Adz tour. His EOTR set was one of my favourites ever, so I have that as comfort at least. Something about Adz really resonates with me in terms of mental health struggle, in obvious (I Want to be Well) and less obvious ways (the whole album feels like an ode to the fragmentation of our minds and how moods and feelings can really be beyond our control).

I listen to Michigan, Illinois, C&L (plus Songs for Christmas in December) much more…and I wouldn’t recommend Adz to the uninitiated…but I see it as his true masterpiece.x



I saw the Adz tour in Newcastle, Manchester and London as well as Primavera and it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen live



Just mentioning I Want to be Well just reminds me that I consider it the best use of swearing in a song. Ever.


Literally got I Want To Be Well on as I read this!

Agree with it being his true masterpiece but not entry point. I find it one of the most inspirational albums I’ve ever experienced.


The show he put on at Coachella last year looked amazing and very heavy on Adz, I wonder how many people turned up expecting a C+L set though?

This thread has made me look up this documentary, the Royal Robertson section was the inspiration for Adz - been meaning to watch it for ages but not sure where to!


Still think it’s an absolute travesty they didn’t release a recording of the Age of Adz tour tbh. Especially when they did one of Carrie and Lowell, which wasn’t anywhere near the spectacle, nor so vital to actually understanding what he was going for with the album


Musically age of ads was basically the same as live, Carrie and Lowell were completely different arrangements. An adz DVD would’ve been great


Aye, I meant a film (video recording), not a live CD.


it’s the bit which starts “hold on Suf, hold on Suf… one two THREE FOUR”

s h i v e r s


You’re probably ok to skip Enjoy Your Rabbit. It’s an acquired taste to say the least!


The title track is a banger mind, one of my favourite running songs!



I listened to Illinois a lot when I was finishing my dissertation off earlier this year.