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Well yeah, the Academy’s nearly boundless capacity to award luvvies peddling hackneyed trends from a generation ago is a big roadblock, but with the Original Song it tends to go to whatever’s been the big commercial powerhouse. Suf’s got the big advantage this year in that there’s been no big earworm, whereas most Academy voters most years don’t give a flying fuck about songs and will just stick a tick in the box of whichever one has been flying around the most, there isn’t any big hit this year. If you look at the nominees Sam Smith won against, they were all pretty shite and none of them were big hits either. With it being a bit of a dry year, I think Sufjan is in good stead for a nomination just by virtue of his songs being from a film that’s going to clean the fuck up at the Oscars this year (or it rightly should anyway), but then once he’s there it could go to anybody. I actually think Carly Rae Jepsen is more likely to get it for Cut To The Feeling, which was actually the best song of 2017 anyway and I’d also love it if she won.


Went to see Adz in Manchester on my own. Weird seeing the best gig of your life and no-one to share it with!


I’m massively late to the Sufjan party, I always knew it would be my thing but was intimidated by the back catalogue so didn’t know where to start. c_c_b suggested Impossible Soul in the ‘best song ever’ thread and I really loved it, so dived into Age of Adz. Wow, what an album. I went for Illinois next and feel like I’ve spent enough time with each of those albums that I know I’ll dig the lot. Reading through the thread, there’s lots of love for all of his stuff, so if you’d done Age of Adz then Illinois, which album should I move onto next?

  • Michigan
  • Seven Swans
  • Carrie and Lowell
  • Something else (please state)

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I voted C&L but Michigan, Seven Swans and even The Avalanche are all amazing.


Adz, Illinois, c&l and seven swans are all 10/10 imo. Michigan not far behind. You’re in for a bloody treat mate

  • (In D major)
  • (In Eb major)

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Haha. I went to that very gig on my own. Drove all the way up from Newbury, Berkshire. It must have been a Saturday night.

Totally agree, top 5 gigs I’ve ever been too. No one to discuss it with after. We should have hooked up! I ended up drinking in some random indie club by myself after…


I only just discovered Sufjan Stevens’ music in the past year. He played in this city in 2016 but at that time I had no idea who he was; the name was just one of dozens of names that go in and out of my head when reading about current musicians, so I did not take the opportunity and I missed out on the experience.

So far I only own Illinois, Carrie & Lowell, and the Planetarium thingy, but I have a feeling more will be added. And the soundtrack from “Call Me by Your Name” is just wonderful. Not all of it is Sufjan of course.

Three of my favourite musicians are Stevens - Cat Stevens, Steven Wilson, and now Sufjan Stevens.


most underrated Sufjan song:

(also the first one i ever heard)


How do you people describe Sufjan Stevens’ music to someone who has never heard it? I’ve had this problem lately. I find myself saying something like "sort of folky, sort of not… a bit pop, a bit progressive… ", and then I think if someone had described it to me in those terms before I heard it, would that have led me to expect it to sound like it does? Probably not.

I know genre labels are not supposed to matter, blah blah blah, and in the last analysis I guess they are not important, but they can sometimes help when describing certain music to another person, so that the person at least knows whether it’s worth their while seeking it out and listening for themselves.


It’s a difficult one as he plays about with genres. I would definitely describe him somewhere under the folk umbrella, because even the Age of Adz has its folk-y moments.


By the way, what exactly is “Adz”?


The Age of Adz is a reference to Louisiana artist and self-proclaimed prophet Royal Robertson, whose work appears on the album’s cover and liner notes. A paranoid schizophrenic, Robertson translated his anguish through apocalyptic sci-fi posters after his wife left him following nearly 20 years of marriage.


thanks - but I still want to know what “Adz” is. Do the letters stand for something?


I have tried Googling it but cannot find any reference to “adz” except in the context of this album.


I think it’s a term made up by Royal Robertson and I think it refers to some imagined end times scenario. Though it’s difficult to Google. Possibly The Age Of Adz was the name of one of Robertson’s pieces or his collections, maybe even the name of the artwork on the front of the album?

I don’t think it’s an acronym.

Haven’t really answered your question but maybe Adz = end times?


Thanks anyway. maybe there’s a clue somewhere in the lyrics, which I have yet to peruse.


All Day Zumba


That does sounds pretty apocalyptic, tbf.


The Devil Wears Spanx