Sugar free sweets

What’s the catch? there must be a catch. I’m trying to cut down on junk food and have seen these ‘sugar free’ sweets but I’m presuming they’ve replaced the sugar with something equally dodgy.


You will shit yourself a lot and probably get brain cancer.


great idea tbh.

Probably won’t taste as good.


haha amazing

Still go back and read these when I’m having a really bad day.


The awful taste of sweetener?

Found vegetarian sugar free gummy sweets in holland & barrett and also Waitrose for the first time recently. Imagine the bowel situation is better if you have enough restraint not to eat the whole bag just because it’s sugar free.

Don’t know why they use sugar alcohols instead of sucralose or stevia or something, which (in my experience) doesn’t have such a forceful laxative effect. Is it because of the volume/structure? Is it a joke?

There are some horror stories about the replacement sweeteners being used in drinks and sweets. Don’t know if it’s true or not, but read quite a few pieces linking aspartame and others with depression. Quite a big do about it in America currently.


Big fan of these ones:

They are sucralose based. Natural flavours and colourings and about 85p a pack. Job done.

aspartame seems to get linked to everything with no clinical evidence.

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Did someone say free sweets?

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these look like what I imagine rations would’ve been


no smoke, etc

Sure there’s those 30 meta-analyses that say it’s fine, but what about that one that says it isn’t!!!