Suggest underrated music

Hi :slight_smile: I am new to the forum. I would love to hear your suggestions about some of your favorite underrated songs. Thanks! :smile:

Welcome! Any vague direction on genres you like?

Judging by the username Anything from


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This is one of my favourite electronic tracks which from an artist who tends to fly under the radar of the myriad homages to Boards of Canada.

Also, can you elaborate on what you mean by “underrated”?

Do you mean:

“A lot of people dislike this but I think it’s good”


“Not a lot of people have heard this and I think it’s good”?


Normally refers to good stuff that hasn’t been heard enough and so is rarely brought up as a recommendation. Or else stuff that was missed when it came out because it failed to match what was considered fashionable at the time?


Well, going by @1101010’s definition…

The Dandy Warhols have many, many, many excellent songs.

Seeing them on Saturday! Finally! Been wanting to for about 15 years.

Yeah they do, although I assume everyone has really heard of them and their stuff on the back of the Vodafone adverts.

Most people probably know little beyond Bohemian Like You, though. And that song got so ubiquitous that I think it coloured the perception of the Odditorium album. It’s a messy, sprawling, hazy epic of an album. Quite possibly my favourite by them, but it was widely panned on its release.

Always felt that the Happy Mondays were under-rated, at least in comparison to The Stone Roses.

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right said fred

This is definitely true. They were brilliant at their peak and still one of the greatest live bands I’ve ever seen. For some reason they were always treated as a bit of a joke and, to be fair, they played up to that image a bit.

I would take Bummed and Pills and Thrills over most albums of the period.

Definitely. Someone in that band knew what they were doing. Love the two later albums, but also love Freaky Dancing, Tart Tart and Kuff Dam from earlier. Freaky Dancing in particular sounds like 3 songs playing at the same time. All great.

this is a joke thread, right?

You mean you didn’t suggest Right Said Fred in earnest?

I think the early singles and the the debut album are really underrated