Suggested changes for the numberbet

9 should be before 8 because 8 is a nine with a little bit more of on the end

(please see this illustration)


similarly 7 should be directly after 1 because it’s an iteration/sequel to 1.

So it should go

1 7 2 3 4 5 6 9 8 10



  • agreed
  • fuck off

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c should come before b for similar reasons as your 8/9 example

not sure on that one will have to think it over

not sure it works tbh, i was thinking of d not b

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yeah it’s good that c is before d

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There really ought to be a definitive end-point to the numberbet IMO


e and o should be near each other though, e just stretches out to make a full circle


No, it’d need to be a touch higher than that

well as discussed in a previous thread, 1 2 and 3 are the only numbers. 0 is not a number


Some of the letters and numbers look too much like other letters and numbers so they should be changed or only used in their less ambiguous forms (eg 0 with a line through it)


that’s true but I hate writing a 0 like that personally

Agree with you that 0 isn’t a number. I’m fairly sure that 7 is one though

I personally write them all in the ambiguous form including sometimes writing 5s like Ss, but that shouldn’t be allowed

5 like an s?!

wow! never heard of the like

I should cum before U.

hope that worked I’ve never quoted from another thread before

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It worked a charm