Suggested changes for the numberbet

that’s good because I posted it to a charmer


God bless x

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found out the French say sixty ten five instead of seventy five recently. but in French

Absolute idiots


I like the Arabic numbers, they’re quite logical, also roman ones

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getting people’s numbers is a nightmare

“right so it’s four twenty…”
[writes ‘8’]
[crosses out ‘8’, sighs, writes ‘97’]


How do you handwrite the letter z

  • z
  • ƶ

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To France: Alright, Boards of Canada

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I think we should arrange all the numbers in alphabetical order.

8,4,5,1,9,7,6,10,3, 2.

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yeah those arabic numbers are perfect, love this little triple combo image

this little depressing diamond shape seems to suit the concept of nothing better than 0 image


When I think about numbers too much I get a headache. Who decided what is eight of something

the numbers would still have the same names so 2 would be called three, 3 four etc

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will let you cool numberbet crew in on a little secret…


look what they added to polls!



Think 5 should be before 4 and 7 should be before 6 and 9 before 1. Actually maybe you were doing a different sequence altogether?

I was just listing numbers really