Suggestions for mini breaks

Need to take Mrs HYG (and baby too) on a little holiday as for various reasons her birthday present and Mother’s Day presents fell through and I owe her. Ideally want something just for one night (so Saturday morning to Sunday evening), not too much travelling. Looking at Eurostar but we’ve done Brussels and Paris… can’t really think of anywhere good in the UK that we’ve not already been to, flights might mean too long faffing around in airports and what not… This isn’t really feasible, is it?

The Norfolk Riviera.

Check out Broadstairs. We found a few nice guesthouses around there. This one was very accommodating for kids

The beach is nice and there’s good ice cream, and it’s on the Javelin Eurostar route out of St Pancras so it’s a really nice train to take.

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Eurostar to Lille? It’s only like 1 hour 30 I think. It’s not exactly New York but we went for a weekend and it was nice and relaxing, nice big park, some galleries, plenty of pubs and restaurants.

oh and a free zoo, as long as you’re comfortable with zoos

Eurostar to Brussels and then connect to somewhere else in Belgium? Don’t think there’s anywhere in Belgium that is more than about 50 minutes from Brussels by train. Bruges, Ghent and Antwerp are all nice. I see that Eurostar have pushed back their direct service to Amsterdam AGAIN.

Otherwise, just go somewhere nice in the UK. For one night there must be literally hundreds of options. You’re SE London based - why not one of the smaller seaside towns down Kent way like Whitstable or Broadstairs?

Leiden in the Netherlands is really nice. Boat trip, windmills, ANIMATRONIC DINOSAURS, easily reachable by train.

The Isle of Wight*

*if you had your own transport

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Lyme Regis is fun.

Don’t act as if you’ve ever driven on the mainland

I have!

Once, more than two years ago.

Really close to the title of the opening chapter of my autobiography.


Don’t really need your own transport for one night away if you’re staying anywhere down the east cost tbh tbf. Roll off the train in Portsmouth onto the hovercraft (because it’s awesome) and then straight onto the train at Ryde (because those old Northern Line trains are also ace).

I was on The Island Of White at the weekend and will be back again next week :thumbsup:

I dunno. All the best bits are west imho.

Also, loads of changes of transport with a wee lil baby would probably bit a bit… much for 1 night away.

Centre Parcs.

Lisbon’s perfect for a weekend. Too boring for more than a few days. Same goes for Tallinn. Gdansk in Poland as well. All cheap, short flights and plenty to do.

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We got engaged in Gdansk, great place.

Lille is meant to be nice.

A lot of it depends on how well the baby travels, tbh.

She’s very good, she’s already flown to the US, Spain, Italy next month, plenty of trains too.

Don’t know if I’m chasing the impossible though. Not even sure if Mrs HYG would want to go away with the baby, given it’s not exactly relaxing / it limits what we can do, but we don’t have useful babysitters.