Suggestions of where to go out for my birthday (London)

I did post in the London thread but thought I’d make my own thread.

Can anyone suggest something in London I can do for my birthday at the end of this month? There will be a group of us and it’ll be Saturday 30th. Must involve eating and drinking. Ideally something a bit different.

All I can think of is the usual stuff we do which is Brick Lane, Queens Yard in Hackney Wick or Shoreditch Dinerama etc. Anything cool going on? I’ve looked on Time Out but that’s it.

Have you ever been taken up the OXO Tower?


One of those escape room things?


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Yeah maybe but there’s so many. I will look some up. I’d like to do the Crystal Maze but it’ll be booked up and it’s about £60 per person.

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There was an article in yer guardian the other day about darts bars, I wouldn’t want to do that.

Wine / gin/ whiskey /beer tasting?

You mean… pubs?


M&M World → Garfunkel’s → China Whites → Stringfellow’s → Spearmint Rhino


No more like a pool hall for darts marketed at City Boys I think

Just googled this and it looks quite fun. Have you been? Is it good?




Wine, gin or whiskey would get me too pissed but maybe beer. I think Beavertown have a brewery tour on.

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Yes! Usually do a bowl or two and get a karaoke room for an hour. Food is dominos ordered in or your basic bowling alley snacks like nachos and chicken and stuff. It’s a lot of fun there imo


yeah I saw that - with electronic scoring so you don’t need to know the rules (like modern bowling alleys)

When I 1st moved to Brighton there was a bowling alley which didn;t have “modern” electronic scoring . Went there for a work thing and there was only one guy across about 4 lanes of us who had to do all the scoring as no one else understood how it worked

Tour? Doubt it’, it’s a very small site but the taproom is open every Saturday and it’s great if it’s not too busy.

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In conclusion: Beavertown followed by Rowan’s. My perfect Saturday


I’ve been meaning to go but I might go to the extravaganza in September if there are stil tickets. Though there’s a rumour Heineken are buying Beavertown.

I’d go to that, although if past visits to Beavertown are anything to go by then I’d probably end up chucking the bowling ball down the wrong lane.