Suit alterations - a recommendation and estimate advice thread 🤵‍♂️

Hello :wave: Somehow I seem to have lost a suit(?) and only have a very lovely navy wool suit remaining which is going to be sweaty as balls for the 4 (four) weddings I’ve got coming up this summer.

However, I do have a suit I bought in a sale a couple of years ago that is one size too big in the jacket and the trous. Anybody have a go to place in London that isn’t on Saville Row? How much have you paid for your alterations? How long did it take? First wedding is July 21st so hoping it can get done in that time.


Whack it in the tumble drier for an hour. Job’s a good’un.



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I think that M&S will do suit alterations for non-M&S suits (and M&S suits, obviously). Maybe give them a ring.

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Yeah, if you wear a wool suit to those four weddings, that’ll be your funeral.

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I’ve had a few whistles sorted out by this fella who I believe is in your manor (work wise)

Might be a bit pricey but he does a good job.

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Just wear it as it is


Is there some sort of film reference game going on that I’m not aware of? Like an England squad or Chris Packham.

Just get a nice jumper like Hatfood or Theo.

I’m not sure what you’re talking about sorry

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I’ve used one of the tailors on Lambs Conduit a few times in the last year, afraid I can’t remember the name but it’s the posh looking one that also does bespoke suits with a ‘Something and something’ name. They reduced the waist in the trousers and nipped in a jacket by a few inches. Cost about £80ish all in, and they did a very good job. Had to wait about a week for them to turn it around.

I recently took a suit jacket to them which was about a size too big and they said they couldn’t do it though, as it would mean altering the shoulders and potentially ruining the overall fit too much.

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Oh safe, thanks man. Aye was looking for somewhere I could head to in and out of work so will enquire.

Lovely stuff! Glad it doesn’t take too long. They’re gonna sneer at my very cheapy suit I fear :grinning:

OH look who’s talking too!

What are you talking about? Think you’ve got a short circuit m9