Don’t think there’s a suits thread. Really like a nice suit, don’t know if that makes me a massive tory.

Got a 3 wedding summer including one in Italy so in the market for a light suit. Tempted by this but think I’m too short to pull it off.

Should be banned I reckon. Uniform of capital and privilege.


Light suits scare me especially when there’s drink involved.

I’d personally get 2 one for the English weddings and then go full man from del monte linen vibes for Italy, maybe even with a hat


I’ve told my partner I’m going to wear a linen suit every day on our European tour and on the day of the wedding I’ll make it formal by wearing a shirt

Hate wearing a suit. Should only need to own one and yet, every time I need to wear one for something it either doesn’t fit any more or it’s been decreed that a different colour one is required so I’ve got four of the fucking things all of which have been worn a maximum of three times each. Stupid, stupid items.


all expensive clothes are?! £60 t shirts with a tiny logo on the breast. COME ON SHEEPLE!?!

I’ll be wearing one today and it will make me feel handsome


I haven’t needed to wear a suit for work for about four years, but for 15+ years before that I was wearing one every day, most of which were ill fitting.

Ironically, it’s the two suits I bought since I didn’t need to wear them daily that are the best fitting, and the cheapest by some margin.

I always feel very handsome in a decent fitting suit.


Got two currently, one for winter one for summer.

Keep an eye on Paul Smith website - their suits are overpriced but therefore when they have a sale they go down to eg £250 (Inc alterations)

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Tell you what looks good with a suit. Pair of trainers.


love a good suit. got masel a nice seersucker one i’m looking forward top wearing at a wedding in tuscany in a month.


that was my look on sat night

Paul Smith thus:


Me in a suit (five years ago?!? WTF?)



Not a fan

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Ngl, I like a suit but don’t have the bunce for a :heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign: one.