What you like when it comes to sulking?

I’m currently mid sulk with my bf for the most ridiculous reason BUT I AIN’T BUDGING.
I can see he has budged when he would love to sulk for hours but I think I might just drag it out a little bit longer. Just because.

Talk to me about your sulking.


I used to be a champion at sulking, in fact it was once referred to as a ‘silent sentence’. I’ve tried to get over it now, as you don’t really win from it, do you?


You literally never get anything from it but whereas I used to cave quickly, I don’t care to cave quickly any more. I’m not sure why.


love a good sulk


I don’t sulk as such, like an active ignorance, but sometimes I just need significantly more space from people if they’ve done something wrong. Potentially for years.


Our arguments almost always take the following pattern where the original point of contention is quickly forgotten and the argument then becomes about the fact that I don’t bother with sulking and the TV loves a good sulk :sweat_smile:

  1. TV is annoyed at something
  2. I’m annoyed that she’s annoyed because I’m DEFINITELY in the right (and I normally am…)
  3. I want to make up but she is sulking
  4. I get annoyed about this
  5. She gets annoyed that I’m annoyed about her sulking
  6. Vice versa
  7. I apologise for my reaction
  8. Go back to 3



Not keen on real sulking if it is half jokey that is ok.


I called out my tv when she was sulking by calling her a ‘mardy cunt’. High risk strategy but it worked. She reminds me of it occasionally.

I blame skillz11


I use the watered down version of this and say ‘stop being difficult’ Im not sure what it means but it gets the point across.


My reaction would be “stop being such a dickhead then”


I’m very sensitive and often need time alone.


Just leave me alone yeah.


Exactly it stops the sulking and you find out what the problem is.


Hm… I’m not sure I sulk. I tend to either try and explain why I’m annoyed and if that goes wrong and results in an argument I find it’s best we go our separate ways until we both calm down, reflect and usually afterwards things are resolved. I’m so glad the bf doesn’t sulk, it would drive me fucking mental, I’d probably just ignore him or try and do something that would make him laugh to snap out of it.


I don’t sulk but if my grilfriend (IF I HAD ONE) sulked then I’d hug them really tightly until they couldn’t move then every time they tried to whine I’d keep saying “I love you too” until they started giving up or crying in frustration


My issue is I find it quite funny when my wife is angry so a few times in the past I’ve started to smile and she has laughed and it’s diffused the whole thing. But fuck me it’s a risky strategy.


I am useless at sulking and incapable of holding a grudge. When I was younger if I got pissed at my brother I would write a note to myself reminding me not to let him use my PS2 since otherwise I wouldn’t have given a shit.


Can’t be arsed with sulking, I’m an adult.

If the gf slams a door or two I ask her what she thinks damaging the house will achieve? As you can imagine, this helps matters immensely.


I’m probably a massive sulker but I tell myself it’s other things like “maintaining a dignified silence”. But it’s sulking really.