Sultry DiS woman gets TEABAGGED on camera in work kitchen

Happy cis menless Monday xoxo


You win cis menless Monday thread starting


I’ve been waiting to make this thread ever since Funky proposed the idea.


You were phenomenal on Countdown, pleased to see the teapot is not just gathering dust but actually in use!

I went on myself in 2012 but lost my first game (buzzed first on a crucial conundrum, guessed wrong by one letter; still my biggest regret in life). I use the mug every day but it is no teapot.


Also is this like a work promo shot? Coz there are so many levels of complexity

omg thank you!! PM me your name because i probably watched your game and/or know the person you lost to. will def know people in your series - presumably either Jack/Rawlo’s series or Paul/Heather’s (LOL DO I HAVE STORIES ABOUT HEATHER, OH MY GOD, I COULD BE HERE FOR HOURS. tbf i also know scurrilous stories about Paul)

i don’t actually use it (don’t drink tea anyway) but - also @tilty - this was for a newspaper article in 2015 after I was on 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown. i had to walk through the newspaper’s offices on my way into my temp job (they had just launched, my story was in the second ever issue of what is now a well-established local free paper), got recognised on the Monday after broadcast, and they took me out of work to interview me and take my photo. hilariously the lad interviewing me forgot to ask me anything about 8OO10C and just asked me about my octorun, which had been 2+ years earlier. i had to go back in and be like “btw i think you forgot to ask me about the main point of the story” when i realised it 5 mins later.


Pervo, I think discovering there’s a seedy soap opera-like community of countdown contestants is one of the best things this site has delivered


Hi Pervo, some lad who used to work for us became an “Octochamp” a few months ago. Thank you for reading.

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What’s his name? I might know of him (might not though, I’m not really active within the community any more due to men being creeps or pests on a non sexual level)

Omg I have only shared the tip of the iceberg on here (just the tip)

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Octobadger not Octochamp :frowning:

@AQOS no joke :frowning:

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His name is David Kempshall


I am so out of the loop that I don’t even recognise the name!

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Oh fuck.

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cool were you actually on Countdown? I’m out of the loop


Best female contestant of all time m9