Sultry DiS woman gets TEABAGGED on camera in work kitchen

Pervo, I think discovering there’s a seedy soap opera-like community of countdown contestants is one of the best things this site has delivered


Hi Pervo, some lad who used to work for us became an “Octochamp” a few months ago. Thank you for reading.

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What’s his name? I might know of him (might not though, I’m not really active within the community any more due to men being creeps or pests on a non sexual level)

Omg I have only shared the tip of the iceberg on here (just the tip)

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Octobadger not Octochamp :frowning:

@AQOS no joke :frowning:

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His name is David Kempshall


I am so out of the loop that I don’t even recognise the name!

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Oh fuck.

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cool were you actually on Countdown? I’m out of the loop


Best female contestant of all time m9


Is that a fact? If so bloody incredible

scoreswise, yes

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is it on the youtubes???

I don’t think so. My 8 out of 10 cats episode might be? (Broadcast 13/02/15)

However my Champion of Champions is being re broadcast from the end of this month and I am back on TV on 3rd July. Need to set up a thread for it nearer the time!


Yes please