Sumday Thread


How are you all today? I’m off out so consider this thread a gift to the boards.


Having breakfast out in a fancy place. Feel out of place here really. Then off to work 12-9. Wooooooo.


Mornning cbbc et al. Feeling pretty dreadful today so will probably have a lazy day and do some house sorting and maybe watch a couple of films.


Morning team. Went for a cycle this morning but it got interrupted by the ‘Deutsche run’, a team marathon for Deutsche Bank employees. Is there anything these cunts won’t ruin?

Hackney carnival later :confetti_ball::tada::balloon:


Similar to yesterday really, gonna play football, then watch football (both association and American) and fit some Bojack and/or Mad Men in there


Going to book a few days in Biarritz today. Something to look forward to.

Probably try to finish the Arkham Horror card game campaign 'er indoors and I are playing through, we’ve only got one scenario left so should be doable but might take a few attempts. Dunno what else - American Gods, maybe?


Morning all,

Just listened to a podcast with Johnny Marr on. Now listening to the new old Neil Young, it is great.

No plans, would’ve played tennis but the weather is not looking great.

WFH tomorrow so might do some work today to split what I need to do over 2 days… but then again might not.

Probably watch some Twin Peaks and drink some beer.


good morning

:coffee: + :bread: :pig: :bread:


Anglos a sumday. Heading out for breakfast and bloody mary(s). Quiet one after that I reckon. Stay rude all.


Sold half my life off at a car boot sale this morning - utterly depressing experience and will probably just give everything to a charity shop next time.

Now got to go wheel my bike to Halford to get a flat tyre fixed after it went completely flat 5k from home yesterday. Better Sundays have been had.


I just want to go home and be with my cat


fix it yourself!! (it’s easy)


You have some old dear haggling over 20p?


To be completely honest I’d rather wheel it to halford. I appreciate how lame that is.

Pretty much. Then the one middle class couple who visited my stand insisted on paying double what I asked. :thinking: Was not worth getting out of bed early for.


on this day 30,000 years ago



Ok ive watched a YouTube video. If this goes badly I’m blaming you.


must be liberating now though? we rent furnished places but i still can never believe how much crap we’ve accumulated when it comes to move house.


Not even scratched the surface mate.