=SUMIFS('Actual Table'!G:G,'Actual Table'!$B:$B,AE!$A9,'Actual Table'!$D:$D,AE!$A$4)+SUMIFS('Manual Additions'!G:G,'Manual Additions'!$B:$B,AE!$A9,'Manual Additions'!$D:$D,AE!$A$4)

Thats the last Excel formula I wrote! How about yourself?


don’t @ me

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=“= blah blah”


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Oh I didn’t write that, but it is the last I c&p… and it isn’t in excel. Sorry!


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=IFNA(INDEX(‘Featured Players’!$F$13:$F$2010,MATCH(‘Actor Stats’!E12,‘Featured Players’!$D$13:$D$2010,0)),“0”)


My boss literally asks people what their favourite spreadsheet formula is in interviews

I had an employer ask what my favourite excel shortcut was once. I said Ctrl Z

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I mean, ask a stupid question…

I said cntrl f

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=minifs(‘Raw answers’!B:B,‘Raw answers’!F:F,“Sales”)

Gotta love a good *ifs condition