Summer '19 swimwear/beachwear thread

I just booked my holiday and now I need to buy some new shorts and swim shorts too

I need suggestions, where’s good to shop men’s swimwear/beachwear on the internet?

could go boring and get these in Navy

what’s your swimwear of choice?

help me out thanks


Birdwell are meant to be real good but they’re pricey. They’re supposed to last for yonks though.

Are we hijacking the thread for bikinis? In that case i’m wearing the same as the last 3 years…sparkly stripey h&m costume that I love.

Do you have that one in the photo @tilty? It’s really nice

Censored because, shock, I am not a swimwear model


Oh my goodness that is gorgeous!

No but now I really want it. Off to buy it now… :flushed:

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I bought a Primark one last week and it’s not good on the boobs at all. I want to swim, not live in constant fear I’m flashing someone. I like the boob safety of the one you shared.


horizontal stripes ftw!

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last time at the beach, I was wearing blue and white stripes. also one in the same blue and white, but with white palm tree patterns.

not shorts though. I was feeling quite good about my body at the time, so I went a bit more European.

not sure what the 2019 view on that is, but it felt good.


this is the kind of summery look I want in general this year. pink shorts/striped t-shirt. although not so expensive.


Do those come in 6 and a half inch? Because

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because you have longer legs?

perhaps, not sure.

I think there must be a longer-legged option elsewhere. good luck in your search, Epimer.

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I actually have quite short legs for my height, but luckily have a disproportionately long torso so I can’t really complain.

Black swimming shorts. Cheers

you have a Michael Phelps-style physique, then.

I recommend a specialised body suit to reduce drag and shave those milliseconds off your PB.


Been wearing them as casual shorts too cause they’re fit and idgaf


these are good thanks & pretty cheap too

Also the ellese ones in the ‘you might also like’ section are also good. Might get one of each

Of course I’m gonna look exactly like the models there so great stuff


The left ones are a good two years old and O Neill, the ones on the right I bought on Australia when I was there over Christmas and are Billabong. A few days after I’d bought the new ones, I realised I’d bought a matching tee shirt at the Billabong shop in Biarritz last September.

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really annoyed those ghostly ones are all sold out

Anyone got any recommendations like that?

Recommendations for other ones that are sold out? I posted some from 2 years ago, is that not good enough? :wink:

Adidas shill for lyf
Also wear around the house cos they’re so great

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