Summer 2018 Brexit Thread - Still doomed, but in considerably hotter weather


If an election’s called this year it might genuinely wipe some of them out. Which might be positive in a sort of “war being a great economic leveller” kind of way.


If there is another election it won’t be May at the helm

She can’t fight another GE on the ‘Red, White & Blue Brexit’ platform with Corbyn coming at her with actual costed manifesto policy and nationalization (the same from last year) she will just lose more ground

It’ll be Boris or Mogg in the driving seat - but May will not step aside easily


Maybe if she loses tonight it will be a hasty resignation? I doubt it though


it’ll be megamogg up for the tories i reckon. May won’t resign today. A lot of people want her to end up as a bullet-ridden bodyshield right up to the 11th hour and will spur her on


Yeah fuck knows. As the last few years have taught us trying to reasonably predict what might happen is a mug’s game

6 months later PM Chuka Umunna drives to Palace to ask to form a Government


Depends how many backbenchers go against the whip - if it’s half a dozen then she’ll try & shrug it off, if it’s 30, 40, 50+ & Davis steps down then a full on collapse is possible

I mean, the sensible option were she to lose the Presidential Brexit she’s been after would be to politely explain that ‘This is Parliamentary democracy, this is sovereignty, this is talking back control through proper procedure.’ I trust the House bla bla and so on…but can you even imagine her being sanguine in defeat?


i can’t really imagine her doing anything really. when she tries to look pithy it just looks like she’s got toffee stuck in her mouth.


PM Chuku and his 2nd referendum

  • Remain
  • No Deal, no transition, WTO rules
  • Transition, WTO rules
  • Norway style deal
  • Turkey style deal
  • Swiss Tony style deal

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So much this. If there’s one thing we’ve learned about May it’s that if doing nothing is an option that’s what she’ll do.


literally the only consolation of Beige Umuna being PM would be the mad spittle-laced racists losing their fucking minds. Khan/Umunna tag team to just send mad imbeciles running for the sea



But she’s gonna get pushed at some point


If there is a second (or third) referendum then there needs to be the proper super majority locks etc and remaining needs to be the status quo (as that is where we are now) so you avoid any 49/51 results again.


Well, that’s the idea with a remain vs 50 shades of Brexit alternatives poll - you’ll never get a majority of the electorate to agree on just what form of Brexit they want, you can’t even get the cabinet to agree on it


Guuuuuuuys it was just a joke, not a thought experiment or prediction.

Or WAS it?


no i know but it still does my heart some good to imagine any of those shitheads absolutely losing it with conspiracy theories that Khan and Umunna are coming for their first born


David Miliband as Chancellor in our upcoming Umunna led government you say? Very interesting.


Now that is NOT funny in the slightest


miliband coming back as a tag team.

who’s been masterminding this from the shadows? IT’S MANDELSON. MANDELSON IS BACK IN LIVE POLITICS ENTERTAINMENT




That would also work, although it think it’s important to apply the proper rules as well (and remember if they’d just done that in the first place we wouldn’t be here) to back up the notion of democracy being done and done correctly.
Plus I’m not sure the gov would go for anything other than a binary choice on a ref.


Why not aim higher then? Dianne Abbott for PM

I would love to see that

Also, if Corbs does roll in to no. 10 and Diane Abbott becomes Home Secretary that would obviously be amazing for all sorts of reasons (as long as we could stop Brexit)