Summer 2018 Brexit Thread - Still doomed, but in considerably hotter weather


It’s weird watching this as an Irish person because we have a horrible pro-austerity tory government too, but on this issue they’re doing everything right


Sub brexit for trump


Anything in this do we think?

Also this sentence:
Nearly 80% of the estimated 1 to 2 million Britons living overseas in EU countries are of working age or younger.

How can you quantify something as ‘nearly’ 80% of such a broad range. Is it 80% of 1 million or 80% of 2 million?


You could probably work out the 80% figure from a relatively small sample size, then it scales up regardless of whether it’s 1 million or 10 million people.


Aye OK, I just think it’s poorly worded. It could be either 800,000 people or 1.6 million people by my reading.



Obviously the whole Brexit thing is just incomprehensibly terrible, but when you see the little details like this, it’s then that it gets really, really bad.



Just change your name to Aardvark Aardvark.


OhThe replies are saying that and it’s Not Funny




I saw a thread on FB yesterday. A friend of a friend was arguing for a hard Brexit. Usual cliches, we managed before, they need us more etc. Someone linked to the story about the NHS in real trouble due to staffing shortages. His answer? Compulsory first aid courses at school and people can start treating themselves and others at home.

So if anyone needs me, I will be cleaning my Black and Decker for my morning schedule of appendix removals.