Summer 2018 Brexit Thread - Still doomed, but in considerably hotter weather


Ah I could do with a reminder to boycott Wetherspoons.


um. lot of chat from MPs that without noticing yesterday we voted to effectively have to stay in the single market.

specifically this

Nothing in [sections of] this Act authorises regulations which … create or facilitate border arrangements between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland after exit day which feature physical infrastructure, including border posts, or checks and controls, that did not exist before exit day and are not in accordance with an agreement between the United Kingdom and the EU.


one of the justifications for austerity was that we had to pay back the debt and/or reduce the deficit and that to do neither was kicking the can down the road

the tactics May is using is like some kind of Sisyphean nightmare where a lorryfull of cans are pulled up a hill they’re all rolled down the hill along with the driver

meanwhile, home burns


tbf i could do with a lorry full of cans


same here






wrong thread


Have we already talked about Westminster casually trying to seize power from devolved governments

“It says the “temporary restriction” on the devolved governments using some of the powers returning from the EU is needed “to help ensure an orderly departure from EU law” and allow the same rule and regulations to remain in place across the whole of the UK.”


Really not a fan of publicity stunt protests by elected officials (You’re surrounded by arseholes who don’t care and the publicity will come via cunt journalists), but I really can’t see where else people who disagree with the way Brexit is being handled can go now. Call it sour grapes, but it’s all a shit show, so they may as well get stuck in.


currently attempting to get some #numbers with this

May’s strategy:


Should really have stuck around until just after PMQs so they could at least have had a vote on an emergency debate. The SNP did themselves by walking out really, as a Tory pointed out in a post PMQ point of order. They absolute have a point on the 15 minutes allocated for debate and the fact it was all taken up by government waffle, but I lack any sympathy for them since their response wasn’t to try and deal with it properly, but to stoke up anti-Westminster sentiment instead.


tbf they might have guessed, as bercow confirmed, that it wouldn’t have happened today anyway.


Ah, for sure, but at least TRY before you hold your publicity stunt, else you’ll just have bemused opposition people going “yeah, but you didn’t even bother to ask.”


But I thought Bercow sent Blackford out ?


he told him to sit down. Blackford said nope. so bercow said OI. SLING YER OOK. YER BARRED.


I’m confused

I thought he wanted a vote, then Bercow said ’we can have one now or one at the end of the session’ and Blackford was ’Have one now’ and Bercow was like ’well you can’t have one now, sit down’ and Blackford was like ’no’ so Bercow was ’fine, I’m throwing you out then’



nearly this

‘i want the house of commons to go into private mode’
‘sure: later at some point’
‘no now’
‘no. sit down and stop asking for that’
‘do one then’


Parliamentary procedure is so bizarre


Brexiteers aren’t politicians they’re zealots. So much for doing the best for the country.


really is fucking mad. there’s loads of weird shit buried in the rulebook. you can’t call anyone a hypocrite. you can’t use names. you can’t say that anyone is lying either, even if they demonstrably are