Summer 2018 Brexit Thread - Still doomed, but in considerably hotter weather


I’m not sure that ‘the bigger the impact, the more we should have another referendum’ is quite the political/philosophical argument that he thinks it is…


Also, she didn’t confirm it. she ignored it.


it’s been quite instructive to see may go full anti-democracy authoritarian in full view of the press and public and barely anybody commenting on it. home counties erdogan.


But it’s BRITISH anti-democracy. Better than that nasty EU anti-democracy. :uk: :uk: :uk:


Oh, another new party!


Missed a trick there. Should’ve called it “Back for Good” and then he’d have a readymade campaign song and a handy slogan “Whatever I said, whatever I did, I didn’t mean it.”


how many times has he briefed about this now


Can we get rid of Caroline Flint please



Yeah, this is disgusting:


‘Not against all migration’

I think you’ll find they are…


Really fucking disgusting.

All this dehumanising, the ‘them & us’ rhetoric, it’s the language of fascism. They’re not hordes, they’re not a flood, they are people like you and me

Someone has to put an end to this kind of framing, it’s precisely this othering that turns into flying feet and fists on the street

Urgh, hateful


Don’t worry, I’m sure Labour MPs will band together to fight the case for immigration and…oh right


Presumably she could just answer her constituents asking “Why hasn’t Britain got the workforce it needs?” with “demographics, and a shortfall in immigration” without needing to go to the HOC to say it.


giving serious thought to cancelling my membership tbh. i dont know why I’m a member of a party with cunts like this in it.


So, the Tories have torn themselves to pieces, labour are in the process, the SNP have (sort of) gone on strike, and the Greens and Lib Dems are an irrelevance…

Heh heh.


Absolute collective shite bunch of lads


Can’t help but feel that the last couple of days is the equivalent of re-arranging deckchairs on the Titanic.

Whatever is decided in the Commons will be voted down/watered down by the EU anyway.


The eu dont have a say if we bomb out


Oh look


Scottish editions on the right hand side.