Summer 2018 Brexit Thread


Not going to happen.


watching Banks and Wigmore live is not good for my health. I want to cave their fucking smug faces in


they both have the same bizarre spitting-image rubber expressions as Farage. really weird shared trait


Time for GIVE US BREXIT IN NAME ONLY banners I reckon



There’s… there’s an awful lot going on here


I watched a bit of it and I’m willing to declare Arron Banks the most odious man in Britain. And that is one fiercely competitive fucking field.


Are…are you sure about this Andy?


genuinely one of the worst fucking people out there. and as expected he’s turned the entire thing into a platform to attack Kaiser and the guardian just now


You get the impression he’d merrily kick his own granny down the stairs if he caught her doing the Guardian crossword.


Paul mate. Please.




Oh yes. Ohhhh yes.


it gets better :thinking:


Oh blimey!


and this is the problem of course. any hint of the ex-blair-related govt being anywhere near remain automatically poisons remain


Sure although in this instance the mirth comes from the tweet’s contents


as a general rule of thumb i view with suspicion anyone who refers to their cats, dogs, rail networks or withdrawal from the european union as children


How about their cows?


Cadwalladr is a bit… odd, isn’t she.


What does this even mean!? “I love them all equally, but cheeky lil’’ HS2 has a special place in my heart”.