Summer 2018 Brexit Thread


Yeah investigative journalists tend to be. Best to factor that in.

See also - public intellectuals.


Much like the Trump administration, Brexit is a form of radioactive material, and anyone exposed to it for it too long or at too close a proximity literally has their brain destroyed.


We can’t stop brexit it would undermine democray! Oh wai…


Would anyone at all be sad if Kate Hoey got deselected?


Depends if the alternative is firing her into the sun.


hey it can be both


So we’ve taken a decentish step towards peace in one part of the world, which is good cos nukes are one of my top 5 fears, but here in Blighty there’s now a better than average chance there’ll be a Yorkshire branch of Arkan’s tigers set up in the next couple of years. Am I parsing this right. are we fucked? feels like we’re fucked.


Never underestimate the british penchant for apathy.


Have I missed where a decentish step towards peace in any part of the world has been taken?



Trump and Kim are best buddies now.


Oh right. I thought the reference was to something real.


now now


Rocky got the Russian crowd to cheer for him, because he fought so hard against Drago.



Telegraph saying four more junior ministers are prepared to resign over Brexit. Fuck, I hope it happens soon…


Would be great if the tories started literally eating each other in the commons


Weird how the USA is suddenly bezzies with Russia & North Korea and against the actual free world

Lots of unexploited hotel real estate in the offing I guess


Can’t believe Labour has so many morons like this


This isn’t the filth thread pal