Summer 2018 Brexit Thread


It’s fucked. Rebels have been bought off


I liked the government’s first attempt to buy them off. “I can assure you we can have a chat tomorrow if you’re willing to vote with me.”



Looks like the Grieve amendment has been mostly acceded to. Wow. Which is good news on the face of it (obvs if you ignore Brexit is awful) but these things have a habit of blowing back in mysterious ways.

Leadership contest? DD to walk?


summary: i don’t understand what i’m reading online


probably doesn’t need saying but



Have you seen anywhere what the government have promised, or is it just the vague “concessions” that I’ve seen banded about?


I know we’re supposed to be all about the big tent today, but I really, really want pricks like this out of the party.


Not to mention Kate Hoey, ffs Vauxhall the one place where voting for the Lib Dems last year would have been better and you all voted for her anyway!


He’s the MP for my neighbouring borough and just… ugh. Although I’d still rather have him than the ultra-Tory I’ve got


Ha I went to same one I think. Was absolutely awful. Worst presentation I’ve ever been too.


one of the tories said a good thing about how he was rebelling because this is a situation similar to the death penalty, like just cos loads of people want it doesn’t mean we should cave etc.


That’s the guy who quit this morning


Not yet just hearsay on the ol twitter


Yeah Tim Farron’s Liberal Democrats were definitely a party the residents of Vauxhall could get behind…



What a big pile of shite

Can the Lords send it back again or is that it?


It’s got to go back through the Lords, yes, which is where the govt will put forward another amendment, as negotiated today.


Or not if they don’t want to


Yes. Should have said " the govt said they will"