Summer 2018 Brexit Thread




This is the clarification I was looking for, cheers

I do not trust May’s ‘promise’ for a second, surprised her MPs do


So… Alton Towers won’t be closing down and we can still have cars from 40 years ago then?

Or at least, in the context of a Sun front page, we might have to give Loch Ness monster to the French, but we get to keep the rest?


literally the main thing i want to preserve in the UK are gregg’s veg pasties. absolute revelation of flavour.


If there’s one thing we’ve learnt today, it’s that May can always be relied upon to find a way of making a decision later.


you’d assume Grieve has something more than a ‘we promise buddy’, he’s the guy who made the amendment. so that gives me (tiny, relative) hope


Yeah maybe, but if there’s one thing that May is good at it’s using weasel words to appear to mean one thing while actually meaning something else


Probably a peerage with a castle or a prime cabinet post, knowing the tories.




Weird how fundamental questions about the nature and functioning of democracy in the UK are at stake here but people treat it as if it’s just another policy issue or area of concern for voters.


Fucked up isn’t it?

And after all this time the Tories still seem to be treating it like an internal party unity issue above all else

I sometimes wonder what it must be like to have the kind of psychopathy that lacks the ability to process lateral thought or see relationships of action and consequence

How the hell did we get here?


i guess if your entire philosophy on life (which got you to the job you’re in) is to not give a shit about other people, treating this like an internal party unity issue is actually quite logical for them

fire them into the sun


There is a house across the road and a family from Cape Verde live there. Lovely, friendly people with two kids and we get on really well with them. Hard working, decent, honest, feed our cats when we’re away etc.

Their landlady treats them like shit. Never does any repairs in the house, happy for them to live with leaky bathroom, threadbare carpets. She struts around and carries herself as if she’s a pillar of society and probably thinks she is actually doing them a favour by fleecing them. Can’t stand her.

One day she turned up knocking on my door, just before the elections. Turns out she is a local Tory councillor. And it all makes sense.


brilliant to see the EU having to go ‘also the opposition idea of single market access with restricted movement… it… it’s the same issue. you don’t get to do that. we keep saying it!’

i feel like every time the EU says this, our politicians tap their nose and go ‘ah, but this is a negotiation. they’ll come around.’

‘we honestly won’t!’

taps nose


They’re just playing hard to get, it’s pitiful actually. We’re the second biggest economy in Europe! Third biggest. Fourth. We didn’t need those companies anyway. Look, you won’t believe the deals we’re going to make with India and China.


Like I get the tories going through these motions because tbh they have no answers and have committed to a dud so they just loop in a dumb panic.

But how can Corbotron and Starmech look at them doing that and go

“Haha the fools. What WE are asking for is [exact same thing]”


Also big fan of the China stuff

“China are massively going to invest in businesses here.”

"Uh… we said we’d be cool with our very rich people taking advantage of buy to let and buying up swathes of homes in your cities but otherwise-

“Aha! Investment!!!”


Wetherspoons will be offering more booze from the UK and non-EU countries. Take that EU!


Keir’s going along with it because he has to. I genuinely admire his loyalty to the line, because he clearly doesn’t believe in it.

Jez dreams of a Norway-type deal. I’m still with Marckee about it being a process of setting out a position (however untenable it might actually be) so that they can eventually say no to whatever abortion of a settlement the Tories deliver.