Summer 2018 Brexit Thread


Well tbf corbyn could shoot a panda in the face and Marckee would shrug and say “that panda was siphoning money to weapons used against Palestine, it had it coming”

But…yeah maybe hes still actually right on this one tbf


No he doesn’t


@kiyonemakibi now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to enjoy my delicious reads label Saudi beer


See I hope it’s true but I do worry that what if it turns out he’s a lifelong euro sceptic who can’t believe his luck that he gets brexit without the negative press of having to deliver it and gets to hide behind ‘will of the people’.


Yeah, I get the feeling that El Corbo is just as horny for a hard Brexit free-hand as May is …except where May has the intention of deporting everyone who’s not a Tory voter and/or lifelong member of the CofE while selling all UK infrastructure to Amazon in return for Robocops, Corbuevara wants to nationalise everything and send everyone back to school. All very worthy but still as much of a painful wrench from 40+ years European integration and just as likely to plunge the U.K. into abject chaos. Still, at least him and Starmer have planned in a transition period.


I have a bit of a crush on starmer. I sort of want him and not corgi at this point


Looks like Scottish Twitter has been spurred into action by some Tory v Scotland bullshit in the debate yesterday. Expect a big indyref push in the next few days!


Has he replaced ArmyMan in your heart?


You wash that out your mouth right now

Starmer Jarvis would be the tag team to end all

Abbot home sec too. Dream team


Well given that Corbyn’s Brexit strategy is mainly focused around keeping both remainers and leavers electorally on side and trying to stitch the Tories in parliament wherever possible (aims I have no problem with), it’s difficult to know EXACTLY what Labour’s Brexit vision is. Although we know that it involves 3 things: a) not being in THE Single Market (qv. that ‘Internal Market’ nonsense from last week) b) ending of Freedom of Movement and c) largely in favour of remaining in The Customs Union, if not A Customs Union. So your analysis seems unfair. Where Corbyn does seem to be HARD in Brexitland is regarding the Single Market and the ECJ because he’s pledged for FoM to end and he’s of the tradition that thinks EU State Aid rules mean that socialism can’t happen.

That’s the nutshell as I understand it.


in all honesty what is the likely outcome of bad/no deal Brexit? joke answers unwelcome. this food supply thing is freaking me the fuck out.


Pesto says no chance, and I for one believe him


We’d be fucked short term. We won’t have the ability to import and export to the eu as the infrastructure won’t be in place. We’d have no trade agreements with anyone else so they could just decide to stiff us.

Food shortages would happen


only got a 3 day supply for the whole country too.


reassured a bit


No one would benefit so it’s the least likely thing to happen. The EU can in theory take the hit but reaaaaally don’t need that right now coz any drop economically will be another stick for other far right parties to bash the EU with, and they have a cup running over with other problems, not least Trump’s machinations. Britain definitely wouldn’t take the hit well, at all.

Almost def won’t happen and if you assume the grieve thing to be true in terms of further amendment almost impossible


Aye, I’m on board with this… No deal is only plausible as long as she can get it past parliament now; she’s lost her leverage as the remain crowd will harden their views if she tries to screw them on her amendment.


Yeah basically what yesterday’s shenanigans mean is that, in the event of the deal Theresa May makes being rejected by parliament, they THEN have to vote on what she does next. The Tory party might be able to be hijacked by 40 or so recalcitrant cunts who think nothing of crashing out without a deal, but the whole of parliament can’t.


There’s been a few articles around sudden closing of the borders I’ll see if I can find some later.

If we dropped out without anything being agreed, planes wouldn’t be able to take off/land, food would quickly begin to run out as our just in time logistics means we rely on a contant movement of lorries, production in loads of factories would also grind to a halt for similar reasons etc etc.
Now, do I think we’d there for see a full on zombie apocalypse style collapse? No, I think they’d be rioting, looting then the tories unconstrained by little things like human rights would do some marshal law situation. Bingo - fascist dictatorship. then they establish rationing and mass internment/deportation. Then we all get to queue up for misery rations, but best bring your British passport! No dog food for you, you naughty foreigns!

That’s why I’m very against any kind of brexit or anyone pushing for any kind of brexit.


This might MIGHT be over the top fella