Summer 2018 Brexit Thread


Yeah, your summary seems reasonable but either way I find it hard to see how Corbyn would have the resources to go full socialism without maintaining single market/customs union and, as we all know, no FoM means no single market

Unless of course the Govt takes back full control of sterling and setting interest rates etc from the BoE, mints unlimited money, scraps trident, introduces universal full basic income and raises corporation tax to around 45% …in which case poverty would be eradicated, though there wouldn’t exactly be much in the way of things to buy …for a while at least. And the NHS and other would likely collapse - not through lack of funds but lack of skills/labour

The idea of a blank page on which to redraw society is a very appealing one and lord knows how much a progressive, even radical, socialism is necessary but Corbyn/the (real) left are mad if they think they can just enact these sorts of changes without laying out 20 years or so of groundwork to make their case

Also, forgot to add - any kind of true socialism has got to be INCLUSIVE for me Clive. No FoM no Socialism

Otherwise then it’s just National Sociali…oh


I want to agree with you, but there’s a small part of me that believes that in the right conditions, nothing is too outrageous.



Yeah I mean the thing is the Labour 2017 manifesto contains little of what you describe prior. You know the whole “Corbyn’s not a raving communist, anywhere else in Europe he’d be seen as a moderate social democrat” thing, as evidenced by the manifesto.

But then I’ll line up a Novara Media podcast and they’re all telling me Socialism is coming, so… who knows what to believe.


While it’s extreme, it’s not impossible. Got to remember this kind of thing happened not long ago in a country very similar to this one. No one thought what happened was possible in 1933 either and I truly believe we’re back to 1933 right now. It’s all happening exactly the same.
Yes, it’s extreme but I’d rather we reduce the chance of it massively by remaining in the EU. And what the government want (cherry picking with access to things) isn’t going to happen, so that leaves hard brexit or remain. And hard will def cause the first parts of what I posted about shortages.


Let’s not lose sight of the fact either that May, if she possibly can, will 100% try to deport as many EU citizens as possible back to the EU

Hostile environment is her baby. If any of them are staying it is absolutely only the rich ones, the rest are G4S the fuck out of there, into Yarl’s Wood & on to Calais. Or maybe even —>I of Man —>dumped on the Irish border


I’m not convinced man. no one is going to be roaming the streets scavenging food. It’s still safe to leave your windows open and doors unlocked! Totally unrelated btw can you PM me your address?


You have far more faith in G4S’ abilities than I do.


waving to the british citizens coming back from the Costa Del Lol, presumably, looking REALLY pissed off


They’ll have new powers of course. Probably end up tasering each other on the regular but anything to get the job done


I dunno, you’ve seen the food shortages that happen when there’s a bit of snow. If borders close, it will happen.

Sure I’ll send you a messa… wait a minute!


Gibraltar will be May’s Falklands


G4S Apologises for Deporting Own Staff to Ireland


Do you think David Davis ever sits down after a long day of doing nothing about the Irish border issue, puts his feet up, turns on the tv for a bit of love island, and then remembers… ‘ffs, Gibraltar!!!’



Imagine if Scotland becomes independent, rejoins the EU etc

Gibraltar will be the new base for Trident


Nah the North East of England will be absolutely gagging for some white hot Trident base action and some white hot Trident base jobs.

Presuming a Corbyn-led Labour government doesn’t get rid of the whole thing. Obviously.


Which one?



I think they’re more likely to ask to join Scotland if they become an independent country within the EU, tbh.


Ha, very true.