Summer 2018 Brexit Thread


Yeah, I don’t think anyone should be comparing the risk of food shortages in a globalised 2019 with those that occurred in 1933.


I’m talking about the rise of fascism, they were two separate parts of separate posts.

I’d urge anyone to go to the war museum’s holocaust exhibit and not see the parallels between what happened in the early stages and what’s happening now.

(and no I’m not comparing the holocaust of food storages, once again they are separate points about separate things).


No yeah, I meant a May Brexit
Would imagine Corbyn would take the cash rather than the weapons - if contractually possible


i think your leap from here to brexit day to facist dictatorship is definitely a bit… there’s a lot of steps in between those things.


Of course, but it’s not impossible. So lets not risk it.


unless the govt DOES suddenly go full dictatorship, the grieve amendment should stop a no deal at this point


From that Peston article:

I’d missed this entirely. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… Does ANYONE think there will be a Brexit deal agreed within the next 5½ months!!!


okay so

this is what the tory rebels are sure will happen

  1. Within seven days of the statement MPs would have to vote on a motion approving the government’s approach. This is the 5A section.

  2. If there is no agreement on Brexit withdrawal by 30 November, the government would have to give MPs the chance to vote on a motion saying what should happen next. This is 5B of the Grieve amendment.

this is what the tory rebels also hope will happen

  1. If there is no agreement by 15 February 2019, the government have to bring the matter to the Commons within five days. But this vote would be different from the other two, because the government would then have to follow any “direction” given by the Commons in a vote in favour of a resolution. This is 5C in the Grieve amendment.

  1. is the really important one. the other two aren’t binding at all. just ‘suggestions’ to govt. so if May only says yes to 1. and 2. it’s basically still possible to No Deal it


Well there’ll probably be SOMEthing but Lord knows what it will and what parliament will actually be voting on.


Oh yeah, I certainly agree that the rise of fascism in the UK is following a similar path to that of 1933. It was happening before the Brexit vote, and it’ll continue happening even if Brexit doesn’t go ahead unless we get a genuinely left-of-centre government.


Is there any point at all to points A and B? Sounds like a very May compromise to me. “Oh you don’t like it? Noted. On we go.”


it would in theory trigger a full leadership no confidence backlash to ignore them. which depending on her standing at the time could be a real threat to May


Got to fill the aircraft carriers up before heading off to Trafalgar. Stalling tactics required.


Yeah I guess. Question is: would she really care. By then she’ll probably be clawing at the walls to get out.


But if her amendment in the Lords fudges item 3, then she probably won’t get it through the Commons again… unless she finds yet another way to kick the can further down the road somehow.


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