Summer 2018 Brexit Thread


There is no possibility whatsoever. We’ve been round & round so many times; there’s no way of keeping free movement of trade without free movement of labour/people. No Deal is May’s only play to end FoM on her terms and ending FoM seems to be the only thing she cares about

I know there’s the option of paying for access to the single market without any of the benefits of a seat at the table but even that is conditional on being under the jurisdiction of ECHR so as much as she might be able to stop new EU immigration it would not allow her to be full ‘Go home!’ …which she, and all the hard Brexiters, are hell bent on

Can’t see this ending well/at all as long as she is Captain of good ship Brexit. Mutiny seems inevitable. She narrowly avoided it yesterday but it’s gonna come sooner or later


Yeah, I don’t understand where the Tories can go from here. And I don’t understand why they didn’t see this state of affairs coming. But I can’t see them doing anything to risk them losing power within the next ten months. It’s all utterly fucked.


Doesn’t EEA allow immigrant movement reduction?


Well the Remain Tories never expected to lose the referendum, and the Leave Tories are too deluded/too arrogant to have seen any issues coming


does anyone know what mogg’s endgame could conceivably be? he’s not dim. what’s he up to?


It’ll be a personal prestige thing. Become Prime Minister; blame everything on May.


Dunno but he could do a good job as Joseph Fienne’s character in The Handmaiden’s Tale


But be PM of dust.


He’d be Prime Minister for the 18th Century, just as he wanted.


Maybe he’s a big goth at heart. I’d have probably loved to have been known as the Prime Minister of Dust in my Nine Inch Nails loving heyday.


i shall become a lowly bard


Overthrow May
Crush the saboteurs


And yet, a year on, and the saboteurs remain uncrushed.

Sad, in a way.


uncrushed like the fruit that will never become jam thanks to lack of workers


Too busy crushing some BRITISH grapes for some BRITISH sparkling wines


English Sparkling Wine is genuinely awesome. So I welcome this development, if not the motivation behind it.

Only problem is that at the moment it’s too expensive (try finding a bottle for under £15) but that will change in the next 5 years.


yeah but it doesn’t allow ‘Go Home!’ …the EU nationals who arrived legally during full membership would have their status protected under European court rules/jurisdiction. At least that’s my understanding of it


yeah she’s just said at PMQs that EEA ain’t happening


In fairness, EEA is absolutely no one’s first choice of outcome…


Referendums really are the worst idea ever.