Summer 2018 Brexit Thread




I’m really confused why they felt the need to do it if they weren’t going to, y’know, explain anything. It was so heavily scripted and the woman giving it obviously didn’t want to be there.


uh oh. remember how Guy was pretty much the only one who liked us?


Bet those Tory rebels from yesterday are feeling a real sense of achievement now eh?


wait what’s the source on this?


Alan Partridge shrug.gif


Dunno. In retrospect it might have been better to have had more of them re: The EU. Referendum in 1992 re: Maastricht, referendum in 2005 re: Lisbon etc. etc. If the 2016 referendum was a cautionary note about anything, it might be about learning that decades of not directly asking one’s citizens about transfers of sovereignty at the time can snowball into something much, much worse years later.

Obviously easier to think that in retrospect, as with anything.


Well there was one on joining.
But generally asking people about deeply complex economic/social/political organisations when the average knowledge about such things is no existent and the only press has been negative is a bad idea.


that’s that then. she’s using the tabloid defence.


Do you think YOU have enough knowledge to answer a question on it?


Maybe a bit more detail?


Certainly not much before the vote but I know more than I did.

But, and this bit is very important, I didn’t vote to fuck everything on the advice or Nigel Farage and the Daily Mail.


Ouch :fire::fire:


So what we assumed last night then: as has happened repeatedly, both sides were told different things to placate them and then it turns out that no decision has actually been made. May and her team seem to think that her MPs are gullible enough to believe it again, and that they don’t have the backbone to actually vote against the government. And once again, they’ve been proved right.


Tories will always put the party first

Even the bloke who resigned abstained rather than voting against the whip



Christ I want him to fall down a particularly deep hole


he looks like that fucking Pepe meme made flesh



Right SO:

starmer and greive going in together to woo the rebels. Greive repeatedly backing up Starmer’s speeches.

No to EEA though