Summer 2018 Brexit Thread



Bit like Jess Phillips yesterday, too. Like, why would you even tweet something like that unless you deliberately wanted an excuse for a fight with Corbyn supporters who are able to pull everything you say to pieces…


was absolutely amazed when he planned to stand in the last leadership race. i’d just assumed that he must be aware that he was the most hated person in the cabinet, but apparently not. he’s just a grinning simpleton.



oh, and because it can never be said enough, Fuck You Ben Bradley


It’s fine, they’ve got like 15 more vice chairs left thanks to how desperate May was to give everyone jobs in her last full reshuffle


Imagine if your only notable achievement was to have one of the most retweeted tweets in history, and that’s because it was a grovelling apology.


No, YOU imagine


we are so ridiculously fucked. I will attempt to become Taoiseach in the coming years and annex the UK to save you all


All hail our new leader Taoiseach PinkyBrain!!!


please, call me Thomas


All hail our new leader Thomas PinkyBrain!!!


Six months later: “Look at these posts from 2008 on indie sadboy site He must resign.”


It’s a lie:



So we’ve gone from ‘There’s literally no downsides to Brexit’ (David Davis) to ‘Fuck we’re all going to starve’.

Why are we doing this again? Why do no MPs want to point out that maybe it’s a bad idea?


Pretty wild that Remainers and centrist MPs have been accusing Corbyn of not opposting Brexit, and now those same people are advocating working with the government or forming a government of national unity…


Hi CG!

This flip has happened in the past week.


could Brexit still be stopped if we sent a team of renegade but elite drillers into the core (maybe in Elon Musk’s submarine) to blow it up from the inside? Seems like the only option at this point


^ Let’s do this.


The only way I can see to stop Brexit at this point is for MPs to get together across the divide to bring down the government and for a new pragmatic one to be elected. Doesn’t feel likely to me, unless some MPs show a bit of common sense at the eleventh hour when we’re about to crash out without a deal.