Summer 2018 Brexit Thread


I think it would only work if one of them was an alcoholic, one of them had the guilt of a child’s death in the line of duty hanging over them, and if one of them had a sweetheart at home waiting for him.


So David Davis, Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson?


… allegedly


quite a lot there but i don’t think he realises it


Absolutely loving that our proof that we don’t need a deal is basically adopting a @plasticniki approach to storing canned goods for the entire nation


But only until the supplies run out after a week. Then we just start raiding lorries as they queue at Dover.


where should I go for accurate information on what’s going on?


Got a chest freezer filled with hovis. I’m ready


this thread


That’s largely true. There’s enough of us with differing sources and opinions that we’re probably a solid enough filter of news


seems like there’s some hyperbole or sarcasm going on.

Doesn’t seem like ignoring everything until there’s rioting in the streets is a good plan either though


yeah tbh i check in here whenever something big happens cos there’s usually a decent debate to be read, nice array of links and info, and it’s pro-remain without being blindly fawning about the eu


Nah, needs more @moker for balance…


see above, i’m serious, this thread is actually a solidly curated source for a variety of takes and info from a broadly left perspective

edit: think it also helps that there’s enough irony and sarcasm peppering everything that it helps as a release valve too


but they got to moker. he’s on a blacksite now


mostly before my time but iirc they were lexit weren’t they*


He was a lot of things.


He was, yeah. Wrote a fairly lengthy essay on his reasons and suchlike. Was frustraing to deal with, because the way I saw his argument was basically "I want Brexit for left wing/democracy reasons, and I acknowledge that as the Tories are currently in power it will move us to the right, but I still think it’s the right thing to do on principle. Even thought it’s going to make things worse for those who are worst off.

We had this habit of going through the same cycle every month or so where people asked for more details on his views and he pointed people to his essay, which didn’t really give the answers people were seeking on his thoughts.


glad we replaced that monthly debate with the corbyn-brexit one :wink:


the few brexiters i know all seemed to vote ‘safe’ in the knowledge that a centrist left leader would suddenly appear from under the ring, hit everyone with chairs, and take the belt as basically the first four years of Blair all over again.

So a safe option that’s not ideal, or perhaps even possible, that was never going to happen. And that’s what you base a vote on :expressionless: