Summer 2018 Brexit Thread


As I recall, he also claimed to have conducted “months of research” into the EU prior to preparing his essay, but clearly lacked even a basic understanding of how it functioned. When it was pointed out to him (numerous times) that his conclusions on the “undemocratic” nature of the EU were incorrect, he wouldn’t engage, but would trot out exactly the same arguments the next time he discussed it.

Not meant to be a dig at him - I liked Moker and I think his heart was in the right place, but it was slightly frustrating. Seemed like he was spending too long in sketchy parts of the internet too, unfortunately. Kind of wish he was still around though. Would be genuinely interested in his current take on the state of things.


Is “blacksite” what we’re calling Twitter now?


i have far worse words for people earnestly using twitter


I will pass this on to moker.


This is his essay (I assume I’m okay to link it here? It’s a public medium and he shared it at the time, but will delete if anyone disagrees)


Totally sensible press we have right here


trying to reduce my twitter game to riffing in the mentions of “influencers” and rt-ing the takes of people i like/corgis diving into paddling pools/boosting the dis label, so i can promise i won’t flame him over this at least


The few Brexiters I know just kneejerked to the ‘they’re all as bad as each other, I’m fed up, I want my country back’ level of nuanced political reasoning

And here we are;


Is this a joke?

This site is basically the first place I would send someone to demonstrate a bubble. Load of people all congratulating each other for agreeing that Brexit is a shambles and Trump is an arsehole.


i don’t think you’re reading these threads properly. i had a bigger response but that’ll actually do i reckon


Those two things are demonstrably true though.

Anyone who doesn’t think that must exist in the tiniest bubble imaginable.


mate me and xylo alone have literally had about ten massive rows over trump and the democrats


yep. We don’t need representation from an ardent trump fan and brexit-is-going-well fantasist on this board because to quote Theo, i don’t need to spend time wading around in shit to learn that plumbing is a great idea.


Nobody is arguing that the sex offender racist is actually a nice guy though so it’s a bubble. Checkmate.




Is it not just a case that both of those things are just demonstrably true?

Most online spaces are echo chambers, sure, but i’m not sure anybody could make a valid argument that Trump isn’t a twat or Brexit’s panning out well…


I’ve quit twitter because it has eroded my brain, spirit and happiness, but sadly I think it is a better arbiter of the national mood as every last prick is on there giving their shitty opinion, than here where white people into the arts are sharing views.


(I really am in a dreadful mood, sorry)


For sure this forum isn’t a barometer of the national mood. But it’s a fairly good place for links to stay clued up on what’s going on


I agree that Twitter’s a worse place than an independent music forum.