Summer 2018 Brexit Thread


hey man a lot of people here have absolutely terrible taste in art


…and music as well, which obviously isn’t an artform.

(Closes laptop, goes outside).


Bamnan didn’t ask for recommendations for sites that were arbiters of the national mood; he asked for recommendations for sites to stay informed about Brexit.

The vast majority of people on DiS think the Brexit is a shambles and that Trump is an arsehole in part because we read up and share news, articles etc with others and because we actively seek out information.

EDIT: I mean, that might sound slightly snobby and make me sound like a ‘reasonable’ Remainer, but you’ll learn more from here than any other single news source, I think.


i mean it is, but for the sort of people who think musicals are high culture, agreed.


The whole of twitter is people defending Trump and trying to front out Brexit. And pics of dogs swimming.

And it’s those dogs that will no doubt bring me back.


You’re more than welcome, encouraged even, to contribute to offset this balance. If you don’t like the conversation then at least attempt to change it before castigating those involved.


Stop following shit people then. You are allowed to curate your own feed so that you stay well-informed.


So we should start some bot accounts and invite some of the criminally misinformed into the boards to add breadth to the debate?


I object. I have NO taste in art.


I’m not saying I don’t agree, I’m saying this isn’t a great place for accurate info. Its a place for people who all agree to share articles proving that they are all right.


also, as is a favourite pastime of the left, we spend as much time arguing about what flavour of left is good. And DiS made that so popular that now the tories are doing it with the right


No, I’m saying that it is a mistake to think this is a place for a balanced view. Not saying it’s not nice to be amongst similarly minded people, but don’t think there is any breadth.


Twitter’s as bad or good as you let it be. Clearly it’s a very toxic platform, and the bots issue is massively understated (it’s clearly millions rather than hundreds), but ultimately it’s up to you who you follow.


Or do follow shit people to try and work out what is driving the other side of the debate?


It’s not balanced but it’s not some #FBPE reacharound either.


Ok. Well why not help Bammers out with some places where there is more accurate info? If we’re not helping him in your view, why don’t you?


You’re absolutely on point with that criticism, and I think many of us are aware of that. It’s a pity in many ways that a recently , returning ex troll spent so many years being an arsehole dickhead that he can’t be trusted even when he looks like behaving because he could theoretically do an awful lot to address that.


eeehhhh i dunno man. i think that you CAN post opposing views here, but you’d better be ready to argue it. i used to be amusingly (i hope) liberal-minded but in a centre-rightish kinda way and marckee, desertshore, wza, both colins, guntrip, dd and a whole bunch of others would push me on that, hard. it’s good. your option at that point is to either ignore all the points coming back at you and celebrate a win (moker) or think and change. So it’s less about agreeing to post things we all like and more about having an extremely high vetting process for what’s being brought to the table and going hard with scrutiny


for sure twitter is annoying af and i don’t care for the number of wankers on there who rack up likes doing performative wokeness takes, you know like “ravioli is cultural appropriation”, “hey drumpf you’re a cheeto idiot dickhead” etc, but there are some very worthwhile smaller accounts to follow to keep up with particular interests. for instance i have found some great independent journos who cover ongoing wars/uk and us foreign policy/grassroots organising/far-left theory, and they cba with all the posturing.

and of course dog and cat accounts always put a smile on the face.


Been a massive seachange amongst right wing/anti-corbyn people on the netty net this week. They all hate Theresa May now.