Summer 2018 Brexit Thread


But ‘balance’ nowadays tends to be ‘Here’s some properly conducted research to show that immigration doesn’t have a negative effect on a country. And now for balance here’s Nigel Farage to tell you unchallenged how awful foreigners are for 10 minutes.’

Hearing from Trump supporters an brexiteers isn’t balance. And tbh you’re rarely going to get insight into the ‘real issues’ behind bulid a wall/block the tunnel.


Follow a mixture of people. Or follow people who know what they’re talking about. Doing the latter probably means that you can’t always do the former.

Either way, if you think

then you’re doing twitter wrong.


What do you mean by accurate info? I’d say a place where people share articles written by people who are informed on the economic and socio-political impacts of brexit are a much better source of information than the right wing press ‘Brexit Bonus it’ll be wonderful!!!’ articles.

It’s like going into a thread about space and saying it’s not ‘accurate info’ cos there’s not enough flat earthers in there and therefore a bubble.


Which as we know, are flat.


Well, I have mainly quit, but I think this “depends who you follow” thing isn’t quite right. I do follow a monumental amount of arseholes, sure, but really it is when I simply search for a news item that my gentle snowflake soul is crushed.

And don’t say “well don’t search for things then” as that is well North Korea.


Since we’re talking giving the other side coverage, there’s a letter from a Leaver in the latest edition of Private Eye which makes the reasonable point that for all the hysteria and sleuthing going on into the Leave campaign’s finances, Remain’s spending still massively outstripped them, and had all of the instruments of government at its disposal to boot.

All of this coverage on CA and the lies of the Leave campaign disguises the fact Remain were fucking dreadful, and there’s absolutely no basis to the idea that THE PEOPLE’S VOTE would go any differently.




Honestly believe The peoples Vote would go further into leave territory. No idea why everyone is campaigning for it.

Also, you know who should bloody quit as so fucking useless? David Davis and Boris Johnson.
[voice at the back] - both have quit


Might be having a nervous breakdown here guys, bear with me.


Wasn’t Dominic Cummings was it?


i genuinely worry what would happen if they called a people’s vote/2nd referendum, regardless of outcome. i think there’s a good chance you’d be making basically every brown and non-british person in the country a walking target for violence.


Also the fact that what is being campaigned for is called this is just… astounding. What the hell was the first one if it wasn’t a people’s vote???


even more violence* i should say


Yeah, as I think others said yesterday, the funding thing and the Russia thing are convenient fig-leaves helping Remainers to not have to think about why they lost two years ago, and why they can’t hope to win if they just repeat their campaign, and why that still wouldn’t resolve any of the issues that led to a brexit vote in the first place.


Totally agree - might as well call it The Actual Real People’s Vote Not Those Thickies, and then ban people who don’t have a degree or are over 60, or from Cornwall from voting.


I went through similar about 6 months ago, i spent my time arguing with @NickDS on here and Stuart from Mogwai on twitter


To which the response would be “no, no people didn’t understand what they were voting for last time, things have changed”

What makes these people think that the electorate would be less ‘low information’ (technical term, not a slant) than before??


I think it’s a reference to it being a people’s vote on whether to accept the deal or not instead of May and the tories deciding for us.


Pick one or two news sites to get the headlines - BBC or the Guardian and such are fine, as long as you understand they’re very biased as well - and then go to the journos and indies whose take you trust from there. For god sake don’t just search for generic news bulletins on Twitter, particularly not anything to do about the old stand-ins like immigration. The right wing hatemongers astroturf news bulletins on big platforms like Twitter to a huge degree, signal boosting the stuff they want in the public eye using bots. It makes you feel helpless and that the whole world believes in the most venomous shit, which is what they want.


the independent can be okay too i guess