Summer 2018 Brexit Thread


And while I think referendums are no way to conduct democracy if they do it properly this time with a super majority that should be required for mass change, a non gerrymandered electorate (EU citizens can vote etc) and if the threshold isn’t reached then there isn’t the majority needed for mass change such as brexit and therefore we Remain.

As much as I don’t think they should make the mistake of having a referendum twice it’s the only way to stop this poisonous ‘will of the people’ concept that’s repeated whenever the devastation of brexit is pointed out.


The mass change in this case would be the reversal of article 50 wouldn’t it?


I don’t think the leave/remain vote in Cornwall was really any different to the rest of the country overall? Might be a misconception that the Cornish are 99% leavers but as far as I know that’s not true.


Well that would be the implementation of the result but we are still members until March 2019 and the mass change would be to leave the EU not to decided not to.



“I want a new referendum, but want it to be a 33% threshold for abandoning Brexit”


I just want a reasonable reliable source to tell me when I need to start stockpiling food.

No idea on here if people are exaggerating for effect or not.


also petrol and the like, cos this is going to fuck up the energy supply lines too and we’ll need to cook food that isn’t tinned and boil water to sterilise the bedsheets we’ll be using as bandages since pharmaceuticals will be rotting on a dock in portsmouth probably


not going to lie I’m considering suicide as I know I wouldn’t survive in a disaster situation due to high levels of anxiety


If you wanted to stop brexit that’s the way of doing it. Do you disagree with super majorities when making sweeping changes to a country or organisation? If only they had done it in the first place we wouldn’t be in this mess.


don’t really want to die though so I’d like to leave it until I know for sure


there are contingencies probably, like this tinned food business. i reckon they’ll bring in some form of rationing if it’s a no-deal brexit. not good but don’t start panicking. still time to call this off.


It’ll be fine, don’t know how but it will.

People are sound under pressure


I only really need the food to survive and electricity to stay in contact with people.

Don’t care if I never get to go on holiday or buy nice things again


Remember when people started panicking cos KFC ran out of chicken?

It’ll be fine!!!


You don’t run one referendum, disagree with the result and then run a second one, making the threshold for your side to win much lower.

That’s surely the quickest way possible to undermine democracy.

Also, it wouldn’t stop Brexit.



No need for more referendums. The original Brexit referendum was consultative, right? Let parliament sort the mess out.


That’s not actually a problem though is it.

Look how people react in the fallout of actual issues like the riots, terror attacks etc


Except now the first referendum’s happened, if a second were to fail for any of the reasons you give then the “will of the people” will be the mantra forever.


Maybe we could use this line if the Conservatives hadn’t, y’know, spent the last three years repeating the result would be and is legal and binding.


That already happened with a bais press, bullshit leave campaign and dodgy money.

This is about stopping the things like this

I genuinely can’t believe we’re discussing the possibly of rationing and the country as a whole isn’t just going ‘let’s not bother.’ We’re well past whether it makes a few politically uninterested people care a bit less about ‘democracy’.