Summer 2018 Brexit Thread


Kinda feels like it already is after just the one.


Respect the fact that it was consultative, ill-defined, and not fit for purpose, you mooks.


also, not gonna lie: i think a lot of minorities and EU migrants will be chased down and beaten to death in the streets if a second referendum swings to remain. i think these tommy robinson marches will look like tea parties in comparison.

this is the country where some people smashed up an ikea because we won a football match against sweden.


didn’t mean that to sound complacent, i’m very much thinking this is fucking bananas (no pun intended) and needs to be stopped immediately. i just don’t know how we go through with the result and leave or do the right thing and call it off without endangering actual peoples’ lives at this point. it’s ridiculous we’ve gotten to this point.


The Conservatives will say any old shit. Force their hand in parliament. Expose them. Leave them with no other option than to admit the game is up.


That’s why you do it properly this time.

If even then some how leave won (which I really don’t think it would) we’re in no worse position then we are now and can just settle in to our brexit misery rations.


Sure. I mean if that’s how you want to play things, I’m not going to argue with it. Just wanted to point out that it’s more likely to guarantee permanent repetition of the “will of the people” line than kill it.


See, not wanting to repeat old discussions but I really don’t think that will happen I think the far right side of leaver voters is much smaller than we fear (a lot of people voted leave with a shrug and got on with their lives), there won’t be riots if we stay (look how small the Tommy Robinson protests were) but there will be if we leave and the food runs out.


‘Doing it properly’ = making the side campaigning for what is the status quo reach 66% in a referendum to win?

It’s the tactics of a corrupt banana republic.


(no pun intended)




great name. always had him down as a Neil Baker or something like that.




A second referendum is a terrible idea, but let’s face it, racist twats across the UK (i.e. Leave voters) will start taking it out on anyone they can regardless once it becomes obvious that Brexit doesn’t mean more NHS money or all the immigrants going away



Just like the US election isn’t it, however much you might think Trump utilised some sort of Russian influence and political dark money from shady donors, Hillary still royally fucked it and spent way more cash doing so.


Thanks, I’d not heard of these The BBC or Guardians before, so this has been jolly helpful.


trying to think of what canned goods I actually enjoy in preparation.

At the moment it’s only Baked Beans


It’s the tactics of basically any kind of vote and absolute standard practice from national referendums to votes in little clubs/organisations around the country.
What majority does the labour party membership need to make changes? I read the other day the Tory party needs 66% majority. It’s hardly a radical idea. And we’re talking about the literal collapse of the country. Would you rather that over making a few Daily Mail readers sad?


i don’t think there would be riots if we stayed. but i think there’d be a further increase in racially motivated attacks similar to what we saw after the result in 2016, and i think yer tommy robbo fans would start pushing a “stab in the back” type line that could scoop up a few chuds who would otherwise have stayed at home masturbating.


No problem, pal. Did seem as if you needed the kind of help using the internet a 70 year old would.