Summer 2018 Brexit Thread


VS the collapse of society

Plus those attacks have already increased and will only get worse if we leave.


Fray Bentos pies


i think we’re arguing while somehow agreeing with each other tbh.

brexit has fucked everything.


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I’ll see your pineapple ring and raise you a pear half in juice.


I’m not saying that the Brexit referendum shouldn’t have followed those rules, but you certainly don’t decide to have a re-run after three years under different rules and then decide to make the other side outnumber you 2 to 1 if they want to continue on this path.


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Banned act.


get some grapes in too and we could cobble up a fruit salad


kind of depressing how a wave of genuine and legitimate proletarian dissatisfaction with the undemocracy we live under has been harnessed for benefit of a few careerist politicians and billionaires, innit. I do think the European Union is democratically flawed in as much as I believe contemporary, national representative democracy is flawed, and probably a bad thing. But its the best, least harmful and more importantly, easily attainable option at the moment.


May as well just buy a tin of fruit cocktail if that’s what you’re after!


Never can work out why some people find arty/music types to be condescending arseholes.

Is baffling.


And I’m saying that having another referendum is a way is subduing ‘will of the people’ rhetoric (although not eradicating) and therefore if you’re going to do it again do it properly as it should have been done in the first place.

But more importantly it’s a way of avoiding absolute disaster which is something you seem to ignore when worrying about people who bang on about traitors on twitter.


There’s a joke about pineapple rings and gammon / brexit that I haven’t got time to properly make right now, but trust me - it’s hilarious


think you were the one to come in with the sarcasm there, got the impression Parsefone was trying to be helpful



Of course, what you could do is have a referendum on a load of the affected issues rather than just asking an in/out question:
Do you want to have to get a visa for your holiday in Tenerife?
Do you want the cost of your fruit & veg to rise?
Do you want the shortage of nurses in hospitals to get even worse?
Do you support closing down factories which export to our closest neighbours?


Genuinely think most of the people who were eager for FoM to end had no idea it would also be applied to them.


Spot on

And this is the thing; Brexit fails to address any of the problems that led to Brexit in the first place & thus instead of being a solution to anything is just a massive clusterfuck of worse problems (for most people) that have to be overcome on top of all the other underlying problems that haven’t been addressed beyond a cheap fucking slogan of ‘taking back control’

In or out this will drag on for decades and decades

I hate David fucking Cameron so fucking much